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Preparation Of Methane From Carbon Monoxide By Fluidized Bed Catalytic Reaction
Patent Number: JP59062531
Publication date: 1984-04-10
Inventor(s): Furusaki Shintarou, Kai Takami, Miyauchi Terukatsu
Applicant(s): Furusaki Shintaro, Miyauchi Terukatsu
Requested Patent: JP59062531
Application Number: JP19820171016 19821001
Priority Number(s):
IPC Classification: C07C1/04; B01J23/74; C07C9/04; C10K3/04
EC Classification:


PURPOSE: To prepare methane from CO and H2, by passing the raw material gas upward at a specific velocity through a column packed with Ni-supporting solid particle catalyst having specific physical properties thereby forming a fluidized bed with vigorous turbulent state, and carrying out the catalytic reaction in the fluidized bed under increasing temperature.

CONSTITUTION: The raw material gas composed of CO and H2 is passed upward through a reaction column packed with a catalyst at a superficial linear velocity of 10-100 cm/sec under increasing temperature to obtain methane by the catalytic reaction in the fluidized bed with vigorous turbulent state. The catalyst is Ni-supporting solid particles (the carrier is alumina, silica, etc.) containing 10- 50 wt% Ni as an active component, having a weight-average particle diameter of 30-90 microns (preferably 40-80 microns), a bulk density of 0.3-1.0 g/cm3 and containing <= 10 wt% each of the fractions having a diameter of <= 10 microns and >= 100microns. The catalyst can be prepared e.g. by dissolving a water-soluble Ni compound in silica sol, and spray-drying the solution. The reaction is carried out at 250-300oC.