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Synthetic Method Under High Pressure From Reformed Gas
Patent Number: JP59007125
Publication date: 1984-01-14
Inventor(s): Fujita Tetsuo, Hirano Masao
Applicant(s): Nippon Kihatsuyu KK (JGC Corp)
Requested Patent: JP59007125
Application Number: JP19820116235 19820706
Priority Number(s):
IPC Classification: C07C31/04; C07C29/15
EC Classification:


PURPOSE: To carry out various synthetic reactions under high pressure in high conversion ratio, by adjusting the composition of a reformed gas with a gas separation membrane permeable selectively to hydrogen to give an optimal gas composition, and using the resultant gas as a raw material.

CONSTITUTION: The pressure of a reformed gas obtained by the reforming reaction of a hydrocarbon with steam is boosted by a main compressor and reacted with a recycled gas (all or part of a separated gas obtained by separating a reaction product gas by the gas-liquid separation) in a high-pressure synthetic reaction system, and the product gas is separated into a gas and a liquid, which is then suitably post-treated. In the high-pressure synthesis, the reformed gas is brought into contact with a gas separation membrane permeable selectively to hydrogen gas, preferably a hollow membrane of cellulose acetate and polysulfonic acid type hollow membrane, and separated into a gas rich in hydrogen on the permeation side and the remaining gas on the unpermeation side, which is then subjected to the operation of the boosting and the operations thereafter. The method is applicable to the high-pressure reactions, e.g. synthesis of methanol, oxo synthesis, and synthetic reaction of ethylene glycol, etc.