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Preparation Of 1,9-Nonanediol
Patent Number: JP58140030
Publication date: 1983-08-19
Inventor(s): Matsumoto Mitsuo, Yoshimura Noriaki, Tamura Masuhiko
Applicant(s): Kuraray KK (Kuraray Co Ltd)
Requested Patent: JP58140030
Application Number: JP19820023982 19820216
Priority Number(s):
IPC Classification: C07C31/20; C07C29/14
EC Classification:


PURPOSE: To obtain the titled substance useful as a starting material for polyesters, polyurethanes, 1,9-nonanediamine, etc. in high yield, by hydrogenating 1,9-nonanedial in the presence of an Ni of Ru type catalyst.

CONSTITUTION: 1,9-Nonanedial is hydrogenated in the presence of an Ni or Ru type catalyst, at 1-150 atm and 60-140oC in the case of (modified) Raney nickel catalyst and 1-150 atm and 80-200oC in the case of a supported Ni and supported Ru catalysts. The reaction may be carried out in the presence of the catalyst suspended in a liquid phase in an agitating or air bubble type reactor or in a packed column type reactor in the case of the supported Ni or supported Ru catalyst. The catalytic concentration in the reaction in the state of the suspended liquid phase is 0.5-5 wt% expressed in terms of Ni and Ru metal based on the reaction mixture solution.