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Synthesizing Method Of Hydrocarbon And Its Catalyst

Patent Number: JP58139744

Publication date: 1983-08-19

Inventor(s): Fujitani Yoshiyasu; Muraki Hideaki; Kondo Shiro: Fukui Masayuki

Applicant(s): Toyoda Chuo Kenkyusho KK (Toyota Central Res & Dev Lab Inc)

Requested Patent: JP58139744

Application Number: JP19820021670 19820212

Priority Number(s):

IPC Classification: B01J23/76; B01J23/78

EC Classification:

Equivalents: JP1662126C, JP3022213B


PURPOSE: To produce hydrocarbons with high efficiency by pretreating catalyst layers of catalysts consisting of Co and La with the gaseous H2 fed therein and feeding gaseous raw materials consisting of CO and H2 thereto.

CONSTITUTION: Catalysts are composed of Co and 5-80 wt% La based on the weight of the Co, and are deposited on diatomaceous earth, alpha-alumina, alumina-magnesia spinels, etc. These catalysts are pretreated with the gaseous H2 fed therein for 30min-8hr under the conditions of 300-400oC and <= 10 kg/cm2 gaseous H2 pressure. Raw material gases consisting of CO and H2 are fed into said catalysts under 5-10 kg/cm2 reaction pressure at 200-300oC reaction temp. after the pretreatment, whereby hydrocarbons are synthesized.