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Preparation Of Liquid Hydrocarbon From Synthesis Gas

Patent Number: JP58125784

Publication date: 1983-07-26

Inventor(s): Takatsu Kozo; Katsuno Takashi

Applicant(s): Shinnenriyouyu Kaihatsu Gijutsu Kenkiyuu Kumiai (Res Assoc Petroleum Alternat Dev (Rapad))

Requested Patent: JP58125784

Application Number: JP19820007533 19820122

Priority Number(s):

IPC Classification: C10G3/00; B01J29/04

EC Classification:



PURPOSE: To obtain a liquid hydrocarbon, especially gasoline fraction, in high yield from a synthesis gas under mild conditions, by using a novel catalyst consisting of a catalytic component capable of converting a synthesis into a noncyclic hydrocarbon and a specific crystalline silicate component.

CONSTITUTION: A synthesis gas is reacted using a catalyst consisting of (A) a catalytic component (e.g., Co-based catalyst such as Co-ThO2-MgO-diatomaceous earth, etc.) capable of converting a synthesis gas into a noncyclic hydrocarbon and/or an oxygen-containing noncyclic hydrocarbon and (B) a crystalline silicate component containing (i) Si and/or Ge, (ii) H, an alkali metal and/or alkaline earth metal, (iii) Al and/or Ga and (iv) a metal (with the proviso that Al, Ga, Si, Ge, are omitted) (e.g., B, etc.) belonging to III A, IV A, V A, III B, IV B, V B, VI B, and VIII groups of periodic table. The reaction is preferably carried out at 250-450oC at 10-150 kg/cm2 at a gas space velocity of 1,000-10,000 hr-1.