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Process for the Preparation of Hydrocarbons High in Aromatics from Synthesis Gas

Patent Number: DE3236093

Publication date: 1983-04-07

Inventor(s): Fujimoto Kaoru; Tominaga Hiroo; Michiki Hideyuki

Applicant(s): Toyo Engineering Corp

Requested Patent: JP58057494

Application Number: DE19823236093 19820929

Priority Number(s): JP19810154278 19810929

IPC Classification: C07C1/04; C07C9/02; C07C15/02

EC Classification: B01J37/04, C07C1/04D2B

Equivalents: AU8867482, CA1175073


In this process, a gas mixture comprising carbon monoxide and hydrogen, i.e. so-called "synthesis gas", is subjected to a catalytic reaction using a mixed catalyst comprising a physical mixture of 1) a palladium catalyst containing palladium which has been applied to a support, and 2) a zeolite catalyst with the formation of a hydrocarbon mixture rich in aromatics.