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Hydrogenating Method Of Coal

Patent Number: JP57115487

Publication date: 1982-07-17

Inventor(s): Uchiyama Hiroshi; Otsubo Toshikatsu; Iguchi Kenji

Applicant(s): Toyo Eng Corp; Mitsui Cokes Kogyo KK; Mitsui Sekitan Ekika KK

Requested Patent: JP57115487

Application Number: JP19810000081 19810106

Priority Number(s):

IPC Classification: C10G1/06

EC Classification:



PURPOSE: To improve the hydrogenating ratio of coal powder without forming the consolidated masses even reducing the flow rate of a rising current, by reacting a slurry prepared by suspending the coal powder in an oily solvent with a gas containing hydrogen under specified conditions.

CONSTITUTION: A slurry prepared by suspending coal powder in an oily solvent as a rising current is passed through a continuous reactor. In the reactor, the slurry is brought into contact with a gas containing hydrogen under the conditions between Um calculated by formula I (g is the acceleration constant of gravity; rhoP is the true density of coal particles at ordinary temperature; rho is the true density of the solvent at the reaction temperature; DP is the mesh size of a sieve; mu is the viscosity of the solvent at the reaction temperature) and Ue calculated by formula II (Q is the sum of the fed actual volumes of the slurry and the gas containing the hydrogen under the reaction conditions; D is the inside diameter in the horizontal cross section of the reactor) and satisfying the relation expressed by formula III at a high temperature and pressure.