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Process for the production of gasoline.
Patent Number: JP57067688
Publication date: 1982-04-21
Inventor(s): Nozawa Shinkichi, Tsujimoto Masaaki
Applicant(s): Toyo Engineering Corp (JP)
Requested Patent: JP57067688
Application Number: EP19810108247 19811012
Priority Number(s): JP19800143266 19801014
IPC Classification: C10G3/00; C07C29/15
EC Classification: C10G3/00, C07C29/151, C07C29/151A, C07C29/151B1
Equivalents: DE3168360D, EP0049892, B1


Disclosed is a process for the production of gasoline by synthesizing methanol from a synthesis gas predominantly containing carbon oxides and hydrogen and then synthesizing gasoline from said methanol. According to this process, the whole product effluent from a methanol synthesis reaction zone is fed to a gasoline synthesis reaction zone; the whole product effluent from the gasoline synthesis reaction zone is cooled to condense gasoline and separate it from the uncondensed gas containing carbon oxides, hydrogen, and gaseous C1 to C4 hydrocarbons; the uncondensed gas is separated into a gas rich in C1 to C4 hydrocarbons and a gas rich in carbon oxides and hydrogen; and the gas rich in carbon oxides and hydrogen, together with a freshly fed synthesis gas, is recycled to the methanol synthesis reaction zone. Thus, there is provided a process for the production of gasoline which can achieve higher efficiency and greater economy as compared with prior art processes for synthesizing gasoline via methanol.