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Catalytic Gasification
Patent Number: JP57065780
Publication date: 1982-04-21
Inventor(s): Hirokawa Kazuo, Osaki Kozo, Fukuda Goro, Otsuka Koji, Fukuyama Hideji, Matsukuma Toyomi
Applicant(s): Toyo Eng Corp
Requested Patent: JP57065780
Application Number: JP19800140378 19801009
Priority Number(s):
IPC Classification: C10G11/04; B01J23/02; C01B3/26; C10G11/20
EC Classification:
Equivalents: CA1164389, DD212492, JP1441027C, JP62051201B


PURPOSE: To gasify hydrocarbons by steam reforming stably over a long period of time without carbon deposition, by using a specified catalyst.

CONSTITUTION: A gaseous mixture consisting of hydrocarbons and steam is heated in the presence of a catalyst composed of 15-65 wt% CaO, 3-30 wt% BaO and 30-80 wt% Al2O3. The resulting effluent is contacted with a catalyst composed of 3-30 wt% NiO, 15-65 wt% CaO, 3-30 wt% BaO and 30-80 wt% Al2O3, to gasify the hydrocarbons. When a (H2+CO) mixed gas for the synthesis of ammomnia is to be produced, it is preferred to contact a gaseous raw mixture having a ratio of moles of steam to carbon atoms in the raw hydrocarbon oil of 3-4 with the above catalyst for 0.1-10 sec.