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Preparation Of Oxygen-Containing Hydrocarbon Compound From Synthesis Gas
Patent Number: JP57062230
Publication date: 1982-04-15
Inventor(s): Sano Kenichi, Mita Yukimitsu, Matsuhira Shinya, Nakajo Tetsuo, Iijima Hitoshi
Applicant(s): Showa Denko KK
Requested Patent: JP57062230
Application Number: JP19800137774 19801003
Priority Number(s):
IPC Classification: C07C27/06; C07C31/08; C07C47/06; C07C53/08
EC Classification:


PURPOSE: To obtain the titled compound e.g., acetic acid, acetaldehyde, ethanol, etc., by reacting carbon monoxide with hydrogen using a highly active catalyst obtained, by blending rhodium with manganese and magnesium as cocatalysts.

CONSTITUTION: In reacting carbon monoxide with hydrogen in the presence of a rhodium catalyst to give acetic acid, acetaldehyde, and (or) ethanol, so-called three- dimentional catalyst using manganese and magnesium as cocatalysts in used. This catalyst is obtained by dissolving rhodium, manganise and magnesium compound in water or an organic solvent, e.g., n-hexane,alcohol, etc., adding porous inorganic carrier substance to the solution, supporting these substances on the carrier con- ventionally, and reducing or heat-treating them so that the catalyst is supported and fixed. Preferably the content of rhodium in the supported catalyst is 0.1-10 wt%, and the content of cocatalyst metal is 0.2-15 wt%.