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Recovering Method For Heat Of Reaction
Patent Number: JP57014686
Publication date: 1982-01-25
Inventor(s): Nishimoto Korehiko, Namajio Hiroyuki, Makihara Hiroshi, Takei Akira, Nara Akio
Applicant(s): Mitsubishi Heavy Ind Ltd
Requested Patent: JP57014686
Application Number: JP19800088999 19800630
Priority Number(s):
IPC Classification: C10G3/00
EC Classification:
Equivalents: JP1047516B, JP1562412C


PURPOSE: To recover the enormous waste heat efficiently and carry out the effective utilization thereof, by subjecting a hydrocarbon condensate obtained in the purifying step with a formed gas to give a superheated gas, and driving a turbine with the resultant superheated gas.

CONSTITUTION: In a process for synthesizing an aromatic hydrocarbon from a synthesis gas or methanol, a mixed medium of C3 with C4 cuts obtained in a distilling column 6 is fed to a cooler 2 by a medium supply pump 9 and subjected to the heat exchange with a synthesis gas for gasoline and given a superheated gas of 50-60 kg/cm2 gauge. The resultant gas is then fed to a turbine 3 to take out power to the outside of the system and cool the outlet gas of the turbine 3 by the adiabatic expansion. The resultant partially liquefied gas is separated in a gas-liquid separator 4 and recycled. On the other hand, the residual gas is liquefied in a cooler 10 and recylced through the cooler 2 for use.