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Recovery Of Water By-Produced In Synthesis Of Aromatichydrocarbon Mixture
Patent Number: JP57012882
Publication date: 1982-01-22
Inventor(s): Nishimoto Korehiko, Yokoyama Shigeo, Namajio Hiroyuki, Oshima Michio, Takei Akira
Applicant(s): Mitsubishi Heavy Ind Ltd
Requested Patent: JP57012882
Application Number: JP19800085916 19800626
Priority Number(s):
IPC Classification: C02F1/44
EC Classification:


PURPOSE: To contemplate an economical effective use of water with saved natural source consumption, by producing pure water from water by-produced in the synthesis of gasoline by a reverse osmosis method after treatments such as neutralization, ditillation, etc.

CONSTITUTION: Gas generated from a reactor 1 for synthesizing an aromatic hydrocarbon mixture from methanol as a raw material, is cooled and condensed in a cooler 2, and separated into an oil phase and a water phase by a separator 3. The separated generated water, after neutralized, is carried into a distilling column 5, where methanol, acetone, etc., having lower boiling points than that of water, are separated from the water, and then into a reverse osmosis device 9. In the device 9, the water is pretreated, e.g. sterilized, pH-adjusted, etc., and then passed through a reverse osmosis membrane to obtain pure water. Thus, the effective use of water can be done.