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Method Of Producing Ethylene And Synthesis Gas From Methane
Patent Number: JP57011928
Publication date: 1982-01-21
Inventor(s): Kaneko Kyozo
Applicant(s): Kaneko Kyozo
Requested Patent: JP57011928
Application Number: JP19800086811 19800624
Priority Number(s):
IPC Classification: C07C11/04; C01B3/36; C07C2/78
EC Classification:


PURPOSE: A natural gas mainly consisting of methane is partially combusted to form a gas containing acetylene, hydrogen and carbon monoxide and the gas is passed over the catalyst to convert the acetylene into ethylene with hydrogen, thus producing a gas mainly containing ethylene, hydrogen and carbon monoxide.

CONSTITUTION: A natural gas mainly containing methane is heated to 600oC, sent together with oxygen to the methane partial burner 7, burnt at the outlet at 1,500oC for 3/1,000 sec and quenched with jetting water 8 to stop the reaction. The resultant partially burnt gas is sent through the water scrubber 9 and the kerosene scrubber 10 to the acetylene half-hydrogenation reactor 13 where the gas is passed over the palladium catalyst supported on a particular alumina carrier at 130-240oC for 9-18 sec to convert the acetylene into ethylene by 93%. The reaction gas is passed through the water scrubber 14 and the kerosene scrubber 17 and the ethylene is adsorbed to activated carbon. The activated carbon is transferred to the lower part and the gas is desorbed. The synthesis gas is taken out of the outlet 25.