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Hydrogenation Of Aromatic Hydrocarbon

Patent Number: JP55043015

Publication date: 1980-03-26

Inventor(s): Yamanaka Hironori; Uehara Suekichi; Kato Fumiyoshi


Requested Patent: JP55043015

Application Number: JP19780115589 19780919

Priority Number(s):

IPC Classification: C07C5/10; C07C13/00

EC Classification:

Equivalents: JP1372657C, JP61041328B


PURPOSE: To improve the thermal recovery of a heat exchanger, and to increase the production per unit reactor, by hydrogenating an aromatic hydrocarbon, if necessary with hydrogen, introduced into a catalyst circulation system before the heat exchanger.

CONSTITUTION: An aromatic hydrocarbon, e.g. benzene, is introduced and hydrogenated in the catalyst circulation system before the heat exchanger (E), be means of a liquid-phase slurry reactor woherein a powder hydrogenation catalyst, e.g. Raney nickel, is suspended, or in a homogeneous liquid-phase reactor, e.g. a metal complex catalyst, if necessary with hydrogen introduced before E, to give a naphthenic hydrocarbon while recovering the heat of hydrogenation with E. The aromatic hydrocarbon may be introduced as a seal oil as well as via a pipeline.