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Manufacture Of Gaseous Mixture Or Synthesis
Patent Number: JP3193112
Publication date: 1991-08-22
Inventor(s): Kawano Masahiro, Toida Tsutomu
Applicant(s): JGC Corp
Requested Patent: JP3193112
Application Number: JP19890329469 19891221
Priority Number(s):
IPC Classification: B01D53/04; B01J20/34; C01B3/34
EC Classification:
Equivalents: JP2007640C, JP7032859B


PURPOSE: To efficiently manufacture a gaseous mixture for synthesis by regenerating an adsorbent by reducing the pressure of a used adsorbing tower to introduce H2-gas into the tower and recycling the gas flowing out at the time of regeneration to a steam reforming reactor.

CONSTITUTION: After hydrocarbon is subjected to steam reforming by a steam reforming reactor 5, CO2 is removed from the reformed gas to obtain a gaseous mixture 10 for synthesis consisting of H2 and CO. At this time, the gas subjected to steam reforming by the reactor 5 is passed through adsorbing towers 8A-8C filled with an adsorbent adsorhing CO2 in a pressurized state and CO2 is adsorbed on the adsorbent while H2 and CO are allowed to leak to obtain the gaseous mixture 10 for synthesis. Before CO2 leaks from the adsorbing towers or at the point of time when a small amount of CO2 leaks, the adsorbing towers are changed over and the adsorption of CO2 is continued in the other adsorbing towers and the used adsorbing tower is reduced in pressure to introduced H2-gas or a H2-CO gaseous mixture into said adsorbing tower to regenerate the adsorbent and the gas flowing out at the time of pressure reduction and regeneration is recycled to the reactor 5.