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Slurry hydroprocessing process.
Patent Number: JP3139595
Publication date: 05-06-1991
Inventor(s): Sawyer, Willard Hall, Bearden, Roby Jr, Chianelli, Russell Robert, Winter, William Edward Jr
Applicant(s): Exxon Research Engineering Co (Us)
Requested Patent: JP3139595
Application Number: EP19900310318 19900920
Priority Number(s): US19890411149 19890922
IPC Classification: C10G45/16
EC Classification: C10G45/16, C10G45/56
Equivalents: CA2025045, US4952306, EP0419266


A novel slurry hydrotreating process is described which employs a hydrotreating catalyst of small particle size having a quantity or catalyst sites in excess of those required for reaction and/or adsorption of nitrogen compounds in the petroleum or synfuel feed being treated. The excess catalyst sites can therefore in effect be contacted with a loin nitrogen or essentially zero nitrogen feed, allowing rapid hydrogenation of aromatics at low temperatures where equilibrium is favored. In a further aspect of the invention, the catalyst which contains adsorbed nitrogen is activated by high temperature denitrogenation.

PURPOSE: To obtain a high level hydrogen treated product in high yield by subjecting a gas oil feed to hydrogen treatment in the presence of a catalyst slurry in two continuous steps of comparatively high temperatures and comparatively low temperatures.

CONSTITUTION: A gas oil feed such as heavy catalytic cracking cycle stock, coker oil and vacuum gas oil is subjected to hydro-denitrification and saturation of aromatic compounds in a first hydrogen treating zone at comparatively high temperatures (371-427C) in the presence of a hydrogen treating catalyst slurry containing molybdenum sulfide, Ni, Co, etc., and then, the effluent therefrom is brought into contact with hydrogen in the presence of a hydrogen treating catalyst in a second hydrogen treating zone at comparatively low temperatures (343-399C). The gaseous mixture containing the catalysts and hydrogen is separated from the product thus formed to obtain a hydrogen treated product.