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Slurry hydrotreating process.
Patent Number: JP3131685
Publication date: 13-06-1991
Inventor(s): Winter, William Edward Jr, Sawyer, Willard Hall
Applicant(s): Exxon Research Engineering Co (Us)
Requested Patent: JP3131685
Application Number: EP19900310611 19900927
Priority Number(s): US19890414166 19890928
IPC Classification: C10G45/46
EC Classification: C10G45/46, C10G45/56
Equivalents: CA2025220, EP0420652


A slurry hydrotreating process is described in which a hydrotreating catalyst of small particle size is contacted with a heavy fossil fuel. High catalyst activity is maintained by circulating the catalyst between a hydrotreating zone and a reactivating zone where the catalyst is hydrogen-stripped.

PURPOSE: To provide a slurry type hydrotreating process which enables hydrogenation without causing a lowering in pressure and adversely affecting an organic nitrogen component at a low temp. and a high hydrogenation rate by bringing an intermediate distillate of a hydrocarbon material into contact with a slurry of a particulated catalyst in the hydrogenation of the intermediate distillate.

CONSTITUTION: An intermediate distillate (b.p.: 350 to 750F) in the process of conversion of petroleum, a synthetic fuel, coal, a shale oil, bitumen or the like is mixed with a hydrogen-containing gas, and the mixture is brought into contact with a slurry of a hydrogenation catalyst to conduct a denitrification reaction, a hydrodesulfurization reaction, and a hydrogenation reaction of an arom. component. The catalyst comprises molybdenum sulfide, Ni, Co or the like supported on an inorganic oxide, such as alumina, has an average particle diameter of 1 μm to 1/8 in., and an excessive catalyst index (ECI) of 5 to 125, preferably 30 to 60. ECI is expressed by WsMc/WfNc wherein Ws represents catalyst addition rate (lbs/hr), Mc represents concn. of a metal in the catalyst (W%), Wf represents intermediate distillate feed rate (lbs/hr), and Nc represents concn. of nitrogen in the intermediate distillate (ppm).