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One-step process for dimethyl ether synthesis utilizing a liquid phase reactor system.
Patent Number: JP2009833
Publication date: 1989-07-19
Inventor(s): Hsiung Thomas Hsiao-Ling, White James Ferguson, Lewnard John Joseph
Applicant(s): Air Prod & Chem (US)
Requested Patent: JP2009833
Application Number: EP19890100483 19890112
Priority Number(s): US19880143799 19880114
IPC Classification: C07C41/01; C07C43/04
EC Classification: C07C41/01, C07C29/152
Equivalents: AU2839389, DE68904202D, DE68904202T, ES2053820T, EP0324475, B1


A one-step process is disclosed for the production of dimethyl ether, with varying amounts of co-product methanol, from synthesis gas. In the process, synthesis gas with a wide range of compositions of H2, CO, CO2, and other species is contacted with a catalyst or mixture of catalysts suspended in an inert liquid in a three phase reactor system. In situations where the feed gas is relatively rich in CO and poor in H2, H2O may be co-fed to enhance productivity. The catalyst, which comprises both a methanol synthesis component and a dehydration (ether forming) component, can be in the form of pellets or powder, depending on the mode of operation for the reactor.