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Production Of Oxygen-Containing Compound
Patent Number: JP1294643
Publication date: 1989-11-28
Inventor(s): Miura Hiroyuki, Noda Hiroshi
Applicant(s): Daicel Chem Ind Ltd
Requested Patent: JP1294643
Application Number: JP19880123170 19880520
Priority Number(s):
IPC Classification: C07C27/06; B01J23/64; C07C29/15; C07C31/08; C07C47/06; C07C53/08
EC Classification:
Equivalents: JP2519976B2


PURPOSE: To improve the yield of the subject compound by allowing steam within a restricted concentration range to co-exist in raw material gases when carbon monoxide is reacted with hydrogen in the presence of a catalyst.

CONSTITUTION: For example, raw material gases containing carbon monoxide, hydrogen and 0.02-0.5 vol.% of steam and introduced into a fixed bed reactor filled with a catalyst containing rhodium and reacted with each other to provide the objective compound. Or, if circumstances require, the catalyst is suspended in a suitable solvent and introduced into the raw material gases to cause a liquid phase reaction to provide the objective compound. The reaction is carried out under a pressure of 0-300 kg/cm2 gauge, particularly 20-200 kg/cm2 gauge, within a temperature range of 150-450oC, preferably 200-350oC. The space rate of the raw material gases per catalyst volume is preferably a range of 103-5 x 104/hr converted into a measurement at 0oC and under 1 atmospheric pressure. The molar ratio of the carbon monoxide and hydrogen is 30:1-1:5, preferably 25:1-1:2