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Production of synthesis gas from hydrocarbonaceous feedstock.
Patent Number: JP1145301
Publication date: 1989-02-15
Inventor(s): Dunster Michael, Korchnak Joseph D
Applicant(s): Davy Mckee Corp (US)
Requested Patent:
Application Number: EP19880307342 19880809
Priority Number(s): US19870085160 19870814
IPC Classification: C01B3/38
EC Classification: B01J8/02F, B01J35/04, C01B3/38D, C01B3/40
Equivalents: AU2098988, AU610219, BR8804093, CN1013430B, CN1031511, DK453388, IN171834, NO172886B, NO172886C, NO883567, NZ225819, SU1831468, ZA8805994, EP0303438, A3


Hydrocarbonaceous feedstocks are converted to synthesis gas by a catalytic partial oxidation process wherein a mixture of hydrocarbonaceous feedstock, oxygen or an oxygen-containing gas and, optionally, steam is provided to a catalytic partial oxidation zone at a temperature not lower than 93oC below its autoignition temperature and at an oxygen-to-carbon molar ratio from 0.3:1 to 0.8:1. The catalytic partial oxidation zone contains a catalyst having a geometric surface area-to-volume ratio of at least 5 cm2/cm3, preferably greater than 20 cm2/cm3. The catalyst volume requirements are comparatively low in as much as space velocities which are from about 20,000 hr-1 to 500,000 hr-1.