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Production Of Oxygen-Containing Organic Compound
Patent Number: JP1128948
Publication date: 1989-05-22
Inventor(s): Matsuzaki Takehiko, Takeuchi Kazuhik,Ohanaoka Takamas,Aarakawa Hironorisugi, Yoshihirogi Kabi
Applicant(s): Agency Of Ind Science & Technol
Requested Patent: JP1128948
Application Number: JP19870287965 19871113
Priority Number(s):
IPC Classification: C07C27/06; B01J31/20; C07C29/15; C07C31/02; C07C45/49; C07C47/06; C07C51/10; C07C53/08; C07C67/36; C07C69/003
EC Classification:
Equivalents: JP1699928C, JP4011530B


PURPOSE: To prolong the catalytic life and improve the selectivity in the production of the title compound useful in industrial field as an industrial chemical or solvent from a synthetic gas containing carbon monoxide and hydrogen, by using a specific inexpensive cobalt catalyst.

CONSTITUTION: The objective compound is produced by reacting a synthetic gas containing carbon monoxide and hydrogen, preferably a gas containing CO and H2 at a molar ratio (CO/H2) of 1/20-20/1, preferably 1/10-10/1 at e.g., 150-450oC at a space velocity of 1,000-10000/hr under a reaction pressure of 5-150 kg/cm2 in the presence of a cobalt catalyst produced by supporting a cobalt carbonyl compound on an oxide carrier. The above reaction is preferably carried out in the presence of an alkaline-earth metal element as a cocatalyst. The cobalt carbonyl compound is e.g., dicobalt octacarbonyl [CO2(CO)8], etc., and the oxide used as a catalyst carrier is silica gel.