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Preparation Of Lubricating Base Oil
Patent Number: JP7228876
Publication date: 1995-08-29
Inventor(s): Eilers Jacobus, Gilson Jean-Pierre, Hoek Arend, Posthuma Sytze Abel
Applicant(s): Shell Int Research
Requested Patent: JP7228876
Application Number: JP19950039460 19950206
Priority Number(s): EP19940400286 19940208
Priority number : 94 94400286
Priority date : 08.02.1994
Priority country : EP
IPC Classification: C10G69/04; B01J23/28; B01J23/30; B01J23/42; B01J23/44; B01J23/46; B01J23/745; B01J23/75; B01J23/755; C10G2/00; C10M159/12; C07B61/00; C10G35/04; C10G45/34; C10G45/64; C10G47/12; C10G71/00; C10G73/08; C10G73/44
EC Classification:
Equivalents: CA2141925, DE69511130D, DE69511130T


PURPOSE: To provide a preparation process for a lubricating base oil having an extremely high viscosity index.

CONSTITUTION: A process for the preparation of a lubricating base oil comprises subjecting a waxy raffinate to a pour point reducing treatment and recovering lubricating base oil therefrom, which waxy raffinate has been prepared by contacting a hydrocarbon product with hydrogen in the presence of a hydroconversion catalyst, comprising a catalytically active metal having hydrogenation/dehydrogenation activity supported on a refractory oxide carrier, under conditions such that hydrocracking and hydroisomerisation of the hydrocarbon product occur to yield the waxy raffinate, wherein the hydrocarbon product has been prepared by (a) contacting a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen with a hydrocarbon synthesis catalyst at elevated temperature and pressure to prepare a substantially paraffinic hydrocarbon wax, and (b) contacting the hydrocarbon wax so-obtained with hydrogen in the presence of a hydrogenation catalyst under conditions such that substantially no isomerisation or hydrocracking of the hydrocarbon wax occurs to yield the hydrocarbon product.