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Production Of Hydrogen And Carbon Monoxide From Methane
Patent Number: JP7069603
Publication date: 1995-03-14
Date of filing : 02.09.1993
Inventor(s): Otsuka Kiyoshi
Applicant(s): Sekiyu Shigen Kaihatsu KK, Otsuka Kiyoshi
Requested Patent: JP7069603
Application Number: JP19930240266 19930902
Priority Number(s):
IPC Classification: C01B3/36; B01J23/10; B01J23/63; C01B3/38; C01B31/18
EC Classification:


PURPOSE: To selectively obtain a synthetic gas having an H2/CO ratio suitable for a synthesis material such as methanol at low temp. by utilizing the metal oxide containing rare-earth elements as a reaction medium.

CONSTITUTION: A metallic compd. (Pt compound) to promote the oxidation and reduction of a rare-earth element is deposited on the metal oxide or multiple oxide of a rare-earth element (ce) or one of the compounds. to obtain a reaction medium. The medium is allowed to react with a gaseous hydrocarbon consisting essentially of methane to reduce the rare-earth element in the medium to a lower oxidation state, and a synthetic gas with the molar ratio of H2 to CO controlled to 1 to 3 is obtained. Steam or CO2 is brought into contact with the medium containing the rare-earth element of a lower oxidation stage at 100-1000oC to obtain H2 and/or CO, the rare-earth element is oxidized to a higher oxidation state, and the process is continuously repeated.