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Production Of Liquid Hydrocarbon From Methane As Starting Material
Patent Number: JP7062356
Publication date: 1995-03-07
Inventor(s): Ito Junichi, Yoshizawa Takashi
Applicant(s): Cosmo Sogo Kenkyusho KK, Cosmo Oil Co Ltd
Requested Patent: JP7062356
Application Number: JP19930228359 19930820
Priority Number(s):
IPC Classification: C10G50/00; C07C1/04; C07C9/14; C10G2/00
EC Classification:


PURPOSE: To produce economically a liquid hydrocarbon by converting methane at a high carbon availability.

CONSTITUTION: The production process comprises the steps of reforming methane and carbon dioxide to form a synthesis gas (in a reactor 1), separating hydrogen from the formed synthesis gas to adjust the molar ratio of the hydrogen to the carbon monoxide of the synthesis gas to a stoichiometric one suitable for a desired FT reaction (Fischer-Tropsh synthesis reaction) (in a hydrogen separator 2), and subjecting the synthesis gas having the adjusted molar ratio to the FT synthesis reaction (in a reactor 3). This process may further comprises the step of removing carbon dioxide and normally vaporous hydrocarbons from the product of the FT synthesis reaction (in a CO2 absorber 5, etc.) and the step of introducing the separated carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons into the reforming step.