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Combined-Cycle Power Generation System Using A Coal-Fired Gasifier.
Patent Number: EP0633303
Publication date: 1995-01-11
Inventor(s): Daman, Ernest Ludwig (US)
Applicant(s): Foster Wheeler Dev Corp (US)
Requested Patent: JP7034899
Application Number: EP19940304246 19940613
Priority Number(s): US19930089983 19930706
Priority number : 93 89983
Priority date : 06.07.1993
Priority country : US
IPC Classification: C10J3/46; C10J3/84; F02C3/28; C10J3/54
EC Classification: C10J3/46, C10J3/54, C10J3/84, F01K23/06G
Equivalents: CA2123465, CN1102872, JP2673783B2, US5375408


An integrated gasification combined cycle power generation system in which a carbonaceous material, such as coal, is gasified combusted in a gasifier to provide synthesis gas which mixes with ash produced as a result of the gasification. The mixture is cooled below the softening temperature of the ash before the gas is separated from the ash and is used to drive a gas turbine. Heat from the combustion process is removed from the gas and the ash and is used to produce steam.

PURPOSE: To provide synthesis gas by gasifying a carbonaceous material of granulated coal, mixing the synthesis gas with ash produced at the gasification, cooling the mixture, and separating the gas from ash to be used for the driving of a gas turbine to solve the problems on contamination and attachment.

CONSTITUTION: The carbonaceous fuel of granulated coal is introduced into a gasifier 10 from a conduit 13, and oxygen and steam are introduced into the gasifier 10 respectively through the conduits 12, 14 to gasify coal. A mixture product including a large amount of ash at the gasification is guided to a separator 24 through an entrained matter container 20 and a duct 22. The mixture is cooled by cooling water passing in a tube bundle 25, and the heated water or steam is supplied to a steam turbine 26. On the other hand, the synthesis gas is supplied to a heat exchanger 30 through a duct 29, the particles are supplied to a heat exchanger 50 through a duct 49, and the separated particles in the heat exchanger 50 are cooled by the water passing in a flow circuit connected to the steam turbine 26, and then supplied inside of the entrained matter container 20 through the branched ducts 52a-52c to be utilized for cooling the mixture.