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Gasification Of Organic Material
Patent Number: JP6346065
Publication date: 1994-12-20
Inventor(s): Hashimoto Ritsuo, Shinya Kenji, Kaneko Masahito, Jiyafuku Yoshimine, Ito Yoshibumi
Applicant(s): Mitsubishi Heavy Ind Ltd
Requested Patent: JP6346065
Application Number: JP19930135662 19930607
Priority Number(s):
IPC Classification: C10J3/00; C01B3/36
EC Classification:


PURPOSE: To enable the stable supply of raw materials to a gasification furnace and the recirculation of CO2 and to obtain a feed gas for methanol synthesis by transferring organic raw materials with CO2 gas flow.

CONSTITUTION: Feed gas for methanol synthesis is produced by gasifying an organic material (e.g. heavy oil, bottom oil and plastic) with a gasification furnace. In this process, the organic raw material is supplied to the gasification furnace by CO2 gas flow. Preferably, CO2 gas separated from the gas generated in the gasification furnace is used as the carrier gas.