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Furnace For Partially Gasifying Organic Substance
Patent Number: JP6330057
Publication date: 1994-11-29
Inventor(s): Sakai Masayasu; Hashimoto Ritsuo, Shinya Kenji, Horizoe Hirotoshi
Applicant(s): Mitsubishi Heavy Ind Ltd
Requested Patent: JP6330057
Application Number: JP19930125826 19930527
Priority Number(s):
IPC Classification: C10J3/00; C10J3/72
EC Classification:


PURPOSE: To provide a partial gasification furnace for generating a raw material gas for the synthesis of methanol by melting an organic substance with the sensible heat of the raw material gas for the synthesis of the methanol and spraying the melted organic substance into a partial gasification oven with oxygen and superheated steam supplied from a superheated steam-generating device.

CONSTITUTION: A partial gasification furnace for partially gasification-reacting an organic substance to produce a raw material gas for the synthesis of methanol is characterized by disposing an organic substance-melting device 112 comprising a heat exchanger for melting the organic substance 110 with the sensible heat of a raw material gas generated from a partial gasification furnace 105 and used for synthesizing the gas, and a superheated steam generating device comprising a heat exchanger for generating superheated steam. The melted organic substance 101 discharged from the organic substance-melting device 112 is sprayed with superheated steam 102 generated from the superheated steam generator 106 and oxygen 103 supplied from the outside of the system as a combustion-assisting gas into the partial gasification furnace 105 through a gas flow-jetting type nozzle 104, and partially gasified into the gas 108 used for synthesizing methanol, etc