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Deslagging Gasifiers By Controlled Heat And Derivatization (Method For Deslagging Partial Oxidation Reactor And Method For Producing Synthesis Gas)
Patent Number: EP0606773, B1
Publication date: 1994-07-20
Inventor(s): Robin, Allen Maurice (US), Jung, Dick Yee (US), Brooker, Donald Duane (US), Kassman, Jerrold Samuel (US), Wolfenbarger, James Kenneth (US)
Applicant(s): Texaco Development Corp (US)
Requested Patent: JP6322379
Application Number: EP19930310594 19931229
Priority Number(s): US19930006028 19930115
Priority number : 93 6028
Priority date : 15.01.1993
Priority country : US
IPC Classification: C10J3/46; C10J3/48
EC Classification: C10J3/46, C10J3/48
Equivalents: CA2110536, DE69318127D, DE69318127T, ES2114596T, US5338489


Slag deposits in partial oxidation reactors, like coke gasifiers, are removed by controlling temperature and slag derivatization. Derivatized slag is fluidized and leaves the reactor without solidifying in and filling the reactor outlet.

PURPOSE: To deslag a partial oxidation reactor without detriment to reaction efficiency and the value of the recovered slag by adding a derivatizing agent reactive with slag deposits to the partial oxidation reactor, heating the mixture to fluidize the slag derivative and discharging it under controlled conditions.

CONSTITUTION: A feedstock is fed through an internal annular pipe 11 within a burner through a slurry feed pipe 10 into a partial oxidation reactor 1 composed of a cylindrical pressure container 2 lined with refractories 3 and 4 and partially oxidized in the reaction chamber 16 with a free-oxygen-containing gas fed through pipes 12 and 13 and annular pipes 14 and 15 to prepare a synthesis gas. After the partial oxidation reaction which has effected the deposition of solid slag 17 in the partial oxidation reactor 1 is stopped, a derivatizing agent being a free-oxygen-containing or -generating substance reactive with the slag 17 is introduced through the pipe 11. The mixture is heated to a temperature at which the slag derivative is fluidized and discharged from an outlet 6, and the slag is removed from the partial oxidation reactor at a temperature level controlled so as not to cause the derivatizing agent in the reactor 1 to stop the outlet 6.


(11)Publication number : 06-322379

(43)Date of publication of application : 22.11.1994


(51)Int.CI. C10J 3/00

B01J 19/00

F23J 1/00

F27D 3/00


(21)Application number : 06-014106 (71)Applicant : TEXACO DEV CORP

(22)Date of filing : 13.01.1994 (72)Inventor : JUNG DICK Y