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Fluidized Catalyst For Synthesis Of Methanol
Patent Number: JP6320000
Publication date: 1994-11-22
Inventor(s): Nakamura Tadashi, Tsuji Kinya, Obata Yoriko, Watanabe Toshiyasu, Tanaka Fumio
Applicant(s): Mitsubishi Gas Chem Co Inc
Requested Patent: JP6320000
Application Number: JP19930111859 19930513
Priority Number(s):
IPC Classification: B01J23/80; B01J8/24; B01J23/86; C07C31/04
EC Classification:


PURPOSE: To obtain a catalyst with low adhesiveness between a catalyst particle and another catalyst particle or between the catalyst particle and another object except the catalyst particle by incorporating a specified wt.% of a fine particles of a hardly reducing substance with a specified Mohs hardness.

CONSTITUTION: This fluidized catalyst for synthesis of methanol contains at least 1 wt.% fine particles of a hardly reducing substance with Mohs hardness of at least 2. Namely, it is necessary that the hardly reducing substance incorporated in the active ingredient of the catalyst has a high hardness for improving adhesiveness of the fluidized catalyst and a substance with Mohs hardness of at least 2, preferably at least 3 is used. In addition, as the amount of incorporation of the hardly reducing substance depends on the compsn. and the particle diameter of the catalyst and in general, as the amt. of incorporation increases, the adhesiveness is improved more. However, as the amount of incorporation increases, the component of the catalyst decreases and essential qualities of the catalyst disappear and activities and strength thereof decrease and therefore, this amount of incorporation should be in the range of at least 1 wt.%, pref. about 5-30 wt.%, more preferably about 10-20 wt.%.