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Lubricating Oil For Processing Aluminum Plate
Patent Number: JP6316698
Publication date: 1994-11-15
Inventor(s): Tanaka Tokuji, Hayashi Naoyuki, Kudo Seiichi
Applicant(s): Parker Kosan KK
Requested Patent: JP6316698
Application Number: JP19920215753 19920722
Priority Number(s):
IPC Classification: C10M159/06
EC Classification:


PURPOSE: To provide a lubricating oil liquid at normal temperatures so as to be easily applicable, also comparable to solid lubricant in press working performance.

CONSTITUTION: The lubricating oil can be obtained by dissolving in (A) a solvent liquid at the normal temperatures (B), at least, one kind of synthetic wax of <= 100 mg KOH/g in saponification value selected from among (1) synthetic wax obtained by oxidation of wax synthesized by Fischer-Tropsch process, (2) synthetic wax obtained by modifying petroleum-oxidized wax and (3) synthetic wax obtained by oxidation of olefinic hydrocarbons.