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Production Of Methanol
Patent Number: JP6256239
Publication date: 1994-09-13
Inventor(s): Yamaguchi Masatoshi
Applicant(s): Mitsubishi Gas Chem Co Inc
Requested Patent: JP6256239
Application Number: JP19930039932 19930301
Priority Number(s):
IPC Classification: C07C31/04; C07C29/152
EC Classification:


PURPOSE: To obtain a methanol production apparatus having high energy efficiency and advantageous for scaling-up.

CONSTITUTION: Methanol is produced from a hydrocarbon by using a fluidized layer catalytic reactor 19 containing heat-transfer tubes 20 as the methanol synthesis reactor, recovering the high-pressure steam obtained from the reactor and using the steam as a power for compressors 32,51 of the methanol production apparatus or as a power for a gas turbine or an oxygen separator.