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Method And Apparatus For Transporting, Utilizing And Recovering Heat Utilizing Decomposing And Synthesizing Reactions Of Methanol
Patent Number: US5297620
Publication date: 1994-03-29
Inventor(s): Yabe Akira (JP); Yamashita Iwao (JP); Endo Naoki (JP)
Applicant(s): Agency Ind Science Techn (JP)
Requested Patent: JP6174311
Application Number: US19930038868 19930329
Priority Number(s): JP19920105489 19920331
IPC Classification: F24J1/00; F28D21/00
EC Classification: F24J1/00, C01B3/32, C07C29/151
Equivalents: JP2090588C, JP8006970B


A method for transportation, utilization and recovery of heat comprises the wide-area installation of methanol and reformed gas supply pipelines, combustion of the methanol and reformed gas to obtain high-temperature heat, subjecting reformed gas supplied from the reformed gas supply pipeline to an exothermic reform reaction and feeding the methanol thus produced into the methanol supply pipeline to obtain low-temperature heat, subjecting methanol supplied from the methanol supply pipeline to an endothermic reform reaction and feeding the reformed gas thus produced into the reformed gas supply pipeline and recovering the waste heat that is generated.

PURPOSE: To improve an exergy rate for recovery of waste heat by rendering methanol in a methanol supply pipe to an endothermic reforming reaction, and feeding the produced reformed gas into a reformed gas supply pipe to recover waste heat produced in a local region.

CONSTITUTION: Heat utilization equipment 6 is adapted such that reformed gas in a reformed gas supply pipe 1 is rendered to a exothermic reform reaction (CO+2H2→CH3OH or CO2+3H2→CH3OH+H2O) and produced methanol is fed into a methanol supply piping to obtain low temperature level heat. Heat recovery equipment 7 includes a heat recovery device 10 for rendering reformed gas in the piping 1 to an endothermic reform reaction (CH3OH→CO+2H2 or CH3OH+H2O→CO2+3H2) to synthesize methanol, and sends waste heat to the heat recovery device 10 through a heat exchanger 11. Hereby, exergy is raised for heat recovery.