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High volumetric production of methanol in a liquid phase reactor.

Patent Number: EP0363802, A3, B1

Publication date: 1990-04-18

Inventor(s): Lewnard John Joseph; Brown Dennis Mackenzie; Rao Pradip; Weimer Robert Fredrick

Applicant(s): Air Prod & Chem (US)

Requested Patent: JP2134333

Application Number: EP19890118402 19891004

Priority Number(s): US19880255935 19881011

IPC Classification: C07C29/15; C07C31/04

EC Classification: C07C29/153

Equivalents: AU4252789, AU614878, CA1317602, DE68912870D, DE68912870T, ES2050751T, JP1882360C, JP6004550B, US4910227


The present invention relates to a process for improving reactor volumetric productivity in the production of methanol wherein a synthesis feed gas stream containing hydrogen and carbon oxides is contacted with a catalyst slurry containing greater than about 25 wt% of a powdered copper-containing catalyst having a porosity of from about 30% to 70%. Volumetric productivity is maximized in the process by controlling a single parameter, gas holdup, wherein holdup is maintained within the range of about 14% to 26%.