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Production Of 4-10C Hydrocarbon From Synthesis Gas And Catalyst Therefor

Patent Number: JP1242147

Publication date: 1989-09-27

Inventor(s): Misonoo Makoto; Okuhara Toshio

Applicant(s): Nippon Oil Co Ltd

Requested Patent: JP1242147

Application Number: JP19880070737 19880324

Priority Number(s):

IPC Classification: B01J21/16; C07C1/04; C07C11/00

EC Classification:

Equivalents: JP2628180B2


PURPOSE: To selectively produce 4-10C hydrocarbon by bringing synthesis gas into a reaction with a catalyst obtained by supporting an Ru component on an intercalating compound of a montmorillonitic mineral or further supporting an Li component.

CONSTITUTION: An intercalating compound of a montmorillonitic mineral obtained with polynuclear metal hydroxide ions, preferably an intercalating compd. of a montmorillonitic mineral contg. Al2O3 or ZrO2 pillars inserted with Al or Zr hydroxide ions is suspended in an aqueous solution, e.g., of RuCl2 and mixed to impregnate the Ru component into the intercalating compd. at about 10-25oC. The compound is then taken out, dried, calcined and reduced with H2 at 250-450oC to obtain a catalyst. 4-10C hydrocarbon is selectively produced from synthesis gas with the catalyst or a catalyst obtained by further supporting an Li component.