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Composite Metal Cluster Support Catalyst

Patent Number: JP1228553

Publication date: 1989-09-12

Inventor(s): Ichikawa Masaru; Fukuoka Atsushi; Kimura Takuma; Jiyou Riyoufun

Applicant(s): Shinkyowa Petrochem Co Ltd

Requested Patent: JP1228553

Application Number: JP19880055859 19880309

Priority Number(s):

IPC Classification: B01J29/06; B01J29/10; C07C1/04; C07C27/06; C07C45/50

EC Classification:



PURPOSE: To enhance inversion rate and selectivity in the Fischer-Tropsch process by depositing a multiple rhodium-iron cluster on a support consisting of crystalline aluminosilicate to form a catalyst.

CONSTITUTION: First iron cluster precursor and the rhodium cluster precursor is deposited on a crystalline aluminosilicate, which is baked to deposite the resulting multiple rhodium-iron cluster on the crystalline aluminosilicate support with the formation of a catalyst. Mordenite and schapbachite are available as the crystalline alluminosilicate and Rh4(CO)12, Rh6(CO)16 as the rhodium cluster precursor.