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Technical Report No.87-45

The Production of Synthetic Fuels by the Hydrogenation of Solid and Liquid Carbonaceous Materials




  1. Introduction  (331kb)
  2. Sources of Imnformation  (112kb)
  3. General Outline of Hydrogenation Methods  (405kb)
  4. Description of Sump Phase  (1.2MB)
    1. Processing Brown Coal
    2. Processing of Bituminous Coal
    3. Processing of Tars and Pitch
  5. Description of Gas Phase Operation  (850kb)
    1. Prehydrogenation Stage
    2. Gasoline Production Stage
  6. Hydrogenation Products Seperation  (319kb)
    1. Gaseous Products
    2. Liquid Products
  7. Sump Phase Solids Rmeoval and Oil Recovery  (375kb)
    1. Centrifugation of Slodge
    2. Coking of Centrifuge Residue
  8. Description of T.T.H. Process (306kb)
  9. Description of Pott-Broche Process ((313kb)
  10. Discussion of the Products of Hydrogenation (255kb)
  11. Operation and Control of the Units (1.3MB)
    1. Introduction
    2. Sump Phase Starting Procedure
    3. Shutting Down a Sump Phase Unit
    4. Starting a Gas Phase Unit with Electric Proheater
    5. Shutting Down a Gas Phase Unit
    6. Temperature Control in the Converter
    7. Operating Safety
    8. Control and Control Instruments
    9. High Pressure Joints and Closures
  12. Materials of Construction  (1.1MB)
    1. Steels
    2. Insulation
  13. Conclusions (394kb)


Appendix (684kb)

A.     Table of Operating Data

B.     Catalyst Preparation

C.     Drawings

D.     Reference

Entire Document  (7MB)