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Summary  220kb pdf

Sources of Information  255kb pdf

Table of Contents  175kb pdf

  1. German Diesel Fuel Specifications  324kb pdf
  2. Sources of Diesel Fuel in Germany  1314kb pdf
    1. Natural Petroleum Distillates
    2. Synthetic Distillate, Kogasin II
    3. Synthetic Distillate, Kogasin I
    4. Low Temperature Distillation of Lignite
    5. Hydrogenation Products
    6. High Temperature Distillation of Coal
    7. Shale Oil
  3. Preparation of Diesel Fuel Blends  1478kb pdf
  4. Diesel Fuel Additives 2921kb pdf
    1. Solubility of Peroxides
    2. Effects of Peroxides in Ignitability
    3. Effect of other Additives on Ignitability
    4. Effect of Nitration in Ignitability
    5. Effect of Ozonisation on Ignitability
    6. Object of German Research with Additives
  5. The Significance of Cetane Rating 491kb pdf
  6. Conclusion
Appendix I  263kb pdf
Appendix II  567kb pdf
German Patent  818kb pdf
Image 1  3288kb pdf
Image 2  4178kb pdf
Image 3  4061kb pdf
Image 4  2663kb pdf
Image 5  75kb pdf
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Image 7  93kb pdf
Chart 1  80kb pdf
Chart 2  62kb pdf