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Historical Data on US Naval Technical Mission in Europe, First Narrative


Table of Contents and Appendices (327kb)

 I          Directive (234kb)

II     Narrative (837kb)

A       Introductory

B       Origin

C       Pre-Activation Period

D       Preparatory Period

E        Full-Scale Operations

F        Decommissioning

III   Internal Organization (2.8MB)

A       Plan

B       Technical Branch --


1        Ordnance Section

2        Ships Section

3        Air Section

4        Yards and Docks Section

5        Electronics Section

6        Hydrogen-Peroxide Section

C       Service Branch --


1        Intelligence

2        Operations

3        Administration

4        Supply

IV  Relations with Other Organizations (922kb)

A       SHAEF

B       NTS

C       CIOS

D       CAFT

E        T-Force

F        ALSOS

G       Admiralty

H       FIAT

V   Operational Subjects (462kb)

A       Reports

B       Documents and Equipment

C       Interrogation Centers

D       Russian-Occupied Territory

E        Neutral Countries

F        Casualties

G       Personnel

VI  Critical Summary (994kb)

A       Deficiencies

B       Missionís Strength


A       Roster of Officers

B       Roster of Civilian Technicians

C       List of Letter Reports and Technical Reports

Complete Document (6.5MB)