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Preparation of Catalysts I: Scientific Bases for the Preparation of Heterogeneous Catalysts
Proceedings of the First International Symposium held at the Solvay Research Centre, Brussels, October 14-17, 1975

Delmon, B.
Jacobs, P.
Poncelet, G.

Elsevier Scientific Publishing Company

First Edition 1976
Second impression 1979

 Table of Contents

Organizing Committee of the Symposium IX
Acknowledgements XI
Financial Support XV
General remarks 1
Making industrial catalysts (G. Berrebi and Ph. Bernusset) 13
Determining mechanical properties of industrial catalysts: correlations with their morphological and physical-chemical properties (J.F. le Page and J. Miquel) 39
Hydrocarbon conversion catalysts derived from synthetic alunite-type and jarosite-type crystal structures (R.W. Grose and E.M. Flanigen) 51
The effect of preparation method on the acidity of mixed oxides (K. Tanabe, M. Itoh, K. Morishige and H. Hattori) 65
Effect of chemical composition, synthesis medium pH, and concentration of mother liquors on the nature of chromia-alumina catalysts (Z.G. Zulfugarov, S.H. Mamedova, A.I. Askerova and N.Yu. Mamed-Zade) 79
The effect of preparation parameters on the oxidation activity of catalysts made by coprecipitation (E.J. Newson and J.V. Jensen) 91
Preparation of copper and zinc chromium oxide catalysts for the reduction of fatty acid esters to alcohols (H. Boerma) 105
General synthesis methods for mixed oxide catalysts (P. Courty and C. Marcilly) 119
Factors that influence the preparation of pure molybdates and tungstates (F. Trifiró, P. Forzatti and P.L. Villa) 147
Influence of preparation and composition on multicomponent molybdate catalysts for the selective oxidation of olefins (M.W.J. Wolfs and J.H.C. van Hooff) 161
Catalysts for propene or isobutene oxidation to α, ß- unsaturated aldehydes and acids (O.V. Isaev and L. Ya. Margolis) 177
Some aspects of the genesis of vanadium catalysts for vapour phase oxidation and oxidative ammonolysis of heterocyclic and other compounds (E. Dziluma, S. Giller, V. Slavinska, V. Evgrashin, D. Kreile, A. Strautina and I. Milman) 187
The preparation and activation of SnO2 + Cr2O3 catalysts (F. Solymosi, F. Bozsó and A. Hesz) 197
Some remarks on the preparation of alloy catalysts for selectivity studies (H.C. de Johngste, F.J. Kuijers and V. Ponec) 207
Scientific basis of catalyst preparation (G.K. Boreskov) 223
Effect of the impregnation conditions on the internal distribution of the active species in catalysts (J. Cervello, E. Hermana, J.F. Jiménez and F. Melo) 251
Application of electronic spectroscopy to the chemical characterization of iridium and palladium catalysts (F. Bozon-Verduraz, M. Tardy, G. Bugli, G. Pannetier and C. Leclére) 265
The effect of thermal ageing on metal crystallite growth and catalytic activity of supported platinum group metal catalysts (I.L. Dodgson and D.E. Webster) 279
The formation of disperse structure of an active component on the carrier surface in the process of preparation and activation of an impregnated catalyst (V.V. Kostrov, I.P. Kirillov, Y.F. Akulichev and V.A. Smirnov) 293
Textural and structural parameters influencing the ageing of Cu/ZnO L.T.S. catalysts (G. Leherte, R. Derie and P.H. Duvigneaud) 303
Preparation and catalytic properties of supported metal or metal-oxide on inorganic oxide aerogels (M. Astier, A. Bertrand, D. Bianchi, A. Chenard, G.E.E. Gardes, G. Pjonk, M.B. Taghavi, S.J. Teichner and B.L. Villemin) 315
Production of methanation catalysts (G.W. Bridger and C. Woodward) 331
The CoO-MoO3-γ-A12O3 catalyst.  Influence of the support.  A review (V.H.J. de Beer and G.C.A. Schuit) 343
The preparation of MoO3-CoO-A12O3 catalyst and its characteristics (Y. Kotera, K. Ogawa, M. Oba, K. Shimomura, M. Yonemura, A. Ueno and N. Todo) 371
The activator system of oxidic hydrodesulfurization catalysts: preparational aspects (R. Moné) 381
Physico-chemical interaction between Ni and support in the preparation of Ni-Mo/A12O3 hydrogenolysis catalysts (H. Lafitau, E. Neel and J.C. Clement) 393
Preparation, characterization and stability of molybdenum oxide catalysts of the monolayer type (T. Fransen, P.C. van Berge and P. Mars) 405
Study of the activation and thermal stability of chromia-alumina catalysts (Y.S. Khodakov, V.I. Yakovlev, V.V. Zasypkin, G.M. Panchenkov and Kh.M. Minachev) 421
Heterogeneous catalyst preparation: the fabrication of microstructures (S.P.S. Andrew) 429
Dispergation and mixing of oxide-base catalytic masses in the presence of surfactants (U.G. Shirokov, I.P. Kirillov and S.P. Kochetkov) 449
Preparation of an industrial nickel supported catalyst guided by fundamental studies (J. Cosyns, M.T. Chenebaux, J.F. le Page and R. Montarnal) 459
The influence of preparation methods on structural and catalytic properties of transition metal ions supported on alumina (M. Lo Jacono and M. Schiavello) 473
The influence of preparation parameters on the reactivity of CrII surface compounds (modified Phillips catalysts) (H.L. Krauss, B. Rebenstorf, U. Westphal and D. Schneeweiss) 489
Effect of thermal pre-treatment conditions on platinum dispersity over aluminium oxide and zeolites (V. Penchev, Ya. Neynska and V. Kanazirev) 497
Role of tin in platinum-tin reforming catalysts (R. Bacaud, P. Bussière, F. Figueras and J.P. Mathieu) 509
Platinum-rhenium-alumina catalysts.  Variation of physicochemical and catalytic properties with the method of preparation (C. Betizeau, C. Bolivar, H. Charcosset, R. Frety, G. Leclerc, R. Maurel and L. Tournayan) 525
Formation and inhibition of formation of compounds between deposited substance and oxidic carriers (G.T. Pott and W.H.J. Stork) 537
Effects of different factors on the specific surface area, activity, stability and mechanical strength of industrial catalysts (Kh.I. Areshidze and G.O. Chivadze) 559
Factors determining the attrition of fluid-bed and coated catalysts (R. Haase, U. Illgen, J. Richter-Mendau and J. Scheve) 569
Promoted chromium-zinc-manganese oxide catalyst for decarbonylation reactions and scientific principles of its preparation (S.A. Hiller, A.Ya. Karmilchik, V.V. Stonkus, B.S. Katayev and M.V. Shymanska) 579
The preparation of the catalysts for methanol synthesis and their characteristics (Y. Kotera, M. Oba, K. Ogawa, K. Shimomura and H. Uchida 589
Porous ceramic coatings on metal substrates as catalyst supports (P.J. Denny) 601
Catalysts for automobile emission control (J.W. Hightower) 615
Metal-ceramic structures for catalytic conversion of exhaust gases (R. Lacroix) 637
The preparation of MnOx on gamma-alumina acceptors for waste gas desulphurization (P.J.W.M. van den Bosch and W.A. de Jong) 651
Polydispersive aluminium oxide as a catalyst carrier (S. Janiak and J. Wrzyszcz) 663
A study of the formation of titanium trichloride, a catalyst for stereospecific polymerization of propylene (V.A. Zakharov, Ye. Ye. Vermel, S.G. Artamonova, P.A. Zhdan, N.G. Maximov, V.F. Anufrienko, V.M. Mastikhin and Yu.D. Pancratiev 673
List of participants 683
Author index 705