W. C. Schroeder. As a result of the discussion of material presented by Colonel Melton on yesterday, further informal conference was held to determine what might be the further functions of the technical Oil Mission. It was agreed that a committee of three people, consisting of W.F. Faragher, Irvin H. Jones, and Harold V. Atwell, would make recommendations on three items, as follows: one, further investigational work that should be carried out in Germany; two, recommendations concerning equipment of apparatus that should be brought to the United States from Germany; three, to discuss the question of bringing German scientists and engineers to this Country (a) as to whether it is desirable to bring any men to this Country, and (b) if this is desirable, to recommend names of individuals. I think that covers the point so far as the records are concerned, and I shall leave it up to you three to make your arrangements. Mr. Atwell, I think we will appoint you as Chairman of this small committee. Would you call a meeting at a time which is convenient to Mr. Jones and Mr. Faragher, and conduct your business by corresponding or any way you want, at least Ill charge you with the responsibility of getting that done.

Now there is considerable more discussion that we might go into on this subject, but we still have quite a long program ahead of us, including some three papers that were left over from yesterday. If it is agreeable to the group, I think well proceed on the agenda.

The first discussion today will be on "Refineries near Hamburg," by Donald S. Fraser.