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Symposium Proceedings: Environmental Aspects of Fuel Conversion, 1978 - 1981.

Proceedings of Symposium on Environmental Aspects of Fuel Conversion Technology
VI: A Symposium on Coal-Based Synfuels, Task No. 56.
Denver, Colorado - October 26-30, 1981.

Ayer, F. A.
Jones, N. S.

Research Triangle Institute

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Table of Contents

Part 1, Pages i - 93, 4.80 MB

Opening Session



Session I:  

Environmental Source Test and Evaluation Results



Part A:

Gasification and Indirect Liquefaction



Robert C. Lagemann, Chairman and William C. Yee, Cochairman


Characterization of Process Liquids and Organic Condensates from the Lurgi Coal Gasification Plant at Kosovo, Yugoslavia



Karl J. Bombaugh, Kenneth W. Lee, Ronald G. Oldham, and Slobodan Kapor


Application of Kosovo (Lurgi) Gasification Plant Test Results to Pollution Control Process Design



G. C. Page, W. E. Corbett, and R. A. Magee


Environmental Aspects of the GKT Coal Gasification Process



R. E. Wetzel, K. W. Crawford, and W. C. Yee


Source Test of the Texaco Gasification Process Located at Oberhausen-Holten, West Germany



Robert G, Wetherold, Robert M. Mann, John Morgan, William Yee, Peter Ruprecht, and Ranier Durfield


Source Test and Evaluation of a Riley Gas Producer Firing North Dakota Lignite



Fred L. Jones, William P. Earley, M. R. Fuchs, and V. A. Kolesh


Part 2, Pages 94 - 202, 5.11 MB

Part B: 


Direct Liquefaction 94


W. Gene Tucker, Chairman and Morris H. Altschuler, Cochairman


Environmental Program and Plans for the EDS Coal Liquefaction Project



Richard L. Thomas


Sampling and Analysis of Process and Effluent Streams from the Exxon Donor Solvent Coal Liquefaction Pilot Plant



Mark Notich and Jung Kim


Health and Environmental Studies of H-Coal Process



K. E. Cowser, J. L. Epler, C. W. Gehrs, M. R. Guerin, and J. A. Klein


Chemical Characterization and Bioassay of SRC Process Materials



W. Dale Felix, D. D. Mahlum, B. W. Wilson, W. C. Weimer, and R. A. Pelroy



Session II: 


Water-Related Environmental Considerations 149


N. Dean Smith, Chairman and William E. Corbett, Cochairman


Coal Conversion Wastewater Treatment/Reuse – An Overview



F. E. Witmer


Characterization of Coal Conversion Wastewaters Using On-Site GC/MS


Treatment of Wastewater from a Fixed-Bed Atmospheric Coal Gasified



Philip C. Singer and Eli Miller


Part 3, Pages 203 - 312, 5.39 MB  

Treatment of Fossil Fuel Derived Wastewaters with Powdered Activated Carbon /Activated Sludge Technology



R. B. Ely and C. L. .Berndt


Land Treatment of Coal Conversion Wastewaters



R. C. Sims and M. R. Overcash



Session III: 


Air Related Environmental Considerations 231


Theodore G. Brna, Chairman


Removal of Acid Gases and Other Contaminates from Coal Gas Using Refrigerated Methanol



J. K. Ferrell, R. M. Kelly, R. W. Rousseau, and R. M. Felder


Advanced Techniques for Flue Gas Desulphurization



Charles C. Masser, Theodore G. Brna, and Michael A. Maxwell


Health and Environmental Studies of Coal Gasification Process Streams and Effluents



C. A. Reilly, Jr. A. S. Boparai, S. Bourne, R. D. Flotard, D. A. Haugen, R. E. Jones, F. R. Kirchner, T. Matsushita, M. J. Peak, V. C. Stamoudis, J. R. Stetter and K. E. Wilzbach.


Gaseous Fugitive Emissions from Synfuels Production – Sources and Controls



R. L. Honerkamp


Part 4, Pages 313 - 420, 4.45 MB

Control Systems for Air Emissions from Coal Gasification



Sid Thomson



Session IV:


Solid Waste-Related Environmental Considerations 328


David A. Kirchgessner, Chairman and Kimm W. Crawford, Cochairman


Health Effects Bioassay Results from Coal Conversion Solid Wastes



M. P.  Maskarinec, F. W. Larimer, J. L. Epler, and C. W. Francis


A Comparison of RCRA Leachates of Solid Wastes from Coal-Fired Utilities and Low- and Medium-Btu Gasification Processes



Michael R. Fuchs, Donnie L. Heinrich, Larry J. Holcombe, and Kishore T. Ajmera.


Characterization of Solid Wastes from Indirect Liquefaction Facilities



Cora A. Hunter, Kar Y. Yu, and Kimm W. Crawford


Ash/Slag Residuals and Wastewater Treatment Plant Sludge’s from Synfuels Facilities:  Characterizations and Implications for Disposal



Ronald D. Neufeld, Georg Keleti, J. Bern, C. Moretti, S. Wallach, and H. Erdogen


Update of EPA’s Regulatory Views on Coal Conversion Solid Wastes



Yvonne M. Garbe



Session V:

Multimedia Environmental Considerations



T. Kelly Janes, Chairman and John T. Dale, Cochairman


A Permitter’s View of Synfuel Commercialization



George L. Harlow


Comparison of Environmental Design Aspects of Some Lurgi-Based Synfuels Plants



Milton R. Beychok and William J. Rhodes


Part 5, Pages 421 - 522, 5.05 MB

Session VI: 

Product-Related Environmental Considerations



Robert P. Hangebrauck, Chairman and Minh Triet-Lethi, Co-chairperson


Risk Assessment of Synfuel Technology



A. Alan Moghissi


Pre-manufacture Review of Synfuels under TSCA


Methanol as a Clean Major Fuel



Paul W. Spaite


Methanol as an Alternative Transportation Fuel



Richard Rykowski, Dwight Atkinson, Daniel Heiser, John McGuckin, David Pletcher, Jeff Alson, and Murray Rosenfeld


Project Summary – A Compendium of Synfuel End Use Testing Programs



Masood Ghassemi, Sandra Quinlivan, and Michael Haro


Comparative Testing of Emissions from Combustion of Synthetic and Petroleum Fuels



W. Gene Tucker and Joseph A. McSorley


Part 6, Pages 523 - 549, 1.41 MB

Unpresented Papers




Problems Associated with the Analysis of Synfuels Product, Process, and Wastewater Streams



H. C. Higman, D. K. Rohrbaugh, R. H. Colleton, and R. A. Auel


Solvent Extraction Processing for Coal Conversion Wastewaters



James R. Campbell, Richard G. Luthy, and Manuel J. T. Corrondo


Appendix:  Attendees