Miscellaneous Conference Proceedings

Symposium Proceedings: Environmental Aspects of Fuel Conversion, 1978 - 1981.

Symposium Proceedings: Environmental Aspects of Fuel Conversion Technology, III (September 1977, Hollywood, Florida) - 1978

Franklin A. Ayer
Martin F. Massoglia

Research Triangle Institute

Table of Contents (371kb)

13 September 1977  
Key Note Address (257kb)


  Frank T. Princiotta  
Session I: Program Approach 5
  Forest O. Mixon, Session Chairman  
The Synthetic Fuels Program of the Fuel Proces Branch of the IERL-RTP (271kb) 7
  T. Kelly Janes  
Environmental Assessment Methodology for Fossil Energy Processes (1.57MB) 15
  R. R. Hangebrauck  
Development of Multimedia Environmental Goals (MEG's) for Pollutants from Fuel Conversion Processes (1.24MB)  
  Garrie L. Kingsbury  
A Non-Site Specific Test Plan (851kb) 76
  Karl J. Bombaugh  
Organic Analysis for Environmental Assessment (511kb) 95
  L. D. Johnson, R. G. Merril  
Environmental Aspects of Fossil Energy Demonstration Plants (69.2kb) 105
  James C. Johnson  
Protecting Worker Safety and Health in Coal Conversion (373kb) 106
  Murray L. Cohen  
Environmental Research Related to Fossil Fuel Conversion (934kb) 113
  Gerald J. Rausa  
14 September 1977
Session II: Environmental Assessment 131
  E. C. Cabanaugh, Session Chairman  
Low-Btu Gasification-Environmental Assessment (633kb) 133
  William E. Corbett  
High Btu Gasification Environmental Assessment-Work Status and Plans (460kb) 144
  Charles F. Murray, Masood Ghassemi  
Flue Gas Sampling During the Combustion of Solvent Refined Coal in a Utility Boiler (646kb) 152
  Craig O. Koralek, V. Bruce May  
Environmental and Engineering Evaluation of the Kosovo Coal Gasification Plant, Yugoslavia (1.39MB) 166
  Becir Salja, Mira Mitrovic  
Fate of Pollutants in Industrial Gasifiers (848kb) 191
  Gordon C. Page  
Liquefaction Environmental Assessment (758kb) 208
  Dwight B. Emerson  
A Program for Parametric Evaluation of Pollutants From a Laboratory Gasifier (1.18MB) 220
  John G. Cleland  
Gasification Process/Environmental Characterization from Pilot Plant Data (1.23MB) 242
  David V. Nakles, Michale J. Massey  
Trace Elements in the Solvent Refined Coal Process (751kb) 266
  R. H. Filby, K. R. Shah, C. A. Sautter  
15 September 1977
Analytical Techniques and Analysis of Coal Tars, Waters, and Gases (430kb) 283
  C. M. Sparacino, R. A. Zweidinger, S. Willis  
A Comparison of Trace Element Analyses of North Dakota Lignite Laboratory Ash with Lurgi Gasifier Ash and Their Use in Environmental Analyses (1.12MB) 292
  Mason H. Somerville, James L. Elder  
Combined-Cycle Power Systems Burning Low-Btu Gas (822kb) 316
  F. L. Robson, W. A. Blecher  
Cross-Media Environmental Impacts of Coal to Electric Energy Systems (1.53MB) 333
  Edward S. Rubin, Cary N. Bloyd, Paul J. Grogan, Francis Clay McMichael  
Session III: Control Technology Development 359
  A. G. Sliger, Session Chairman  
Selection of Acid Gas Treating Processes for Coal Converter Outputs (468kb) 361
  S. E. Stover, F. D. Hoffert  
A Coal Gasification-Gas Cleaning Facility (582kb) 375
  J. K. Ferrel, R. M. Felder, R. W. Rousseau, D. W. Alexander  
Control Technology Development for Products/By-Products of Coal Conversion Systems (1.13MB) 387
  Sohrab M. Hossain, John W. Mitchell, Alfred B. Cherry  
Specific Environmental Aspects of Fischer-Tropsch Coal Conversion Technology (1.01MB) 409
  B.I. Loran, J. B. O'Hara  
Control Technology Development for Fuel Conversion Systems Wastes (476kb) 424
  Louis E. Bostwick  
Volatility of Coal and Its By-Products (809kb) 431
  J. K. Kuhn, D. Kidd, J. Thomas, Jr., R. Cahill, D. Dickerson, R. Shiley, C. Kruse, N. F. Shimp  
Treatment of Phenolic Wastes (983kb) 447
  Stanley L. Klemeston  
Composition and Biodegradability of Organics in Coal Conversion Wastewaters (1.33MB) 461
  Philip C. Singer, Frederic K. Pfaender, Jolene Chinchilli, James C. Lamb, III  
Biological Treatment of Coal Conversion Condensates (1.01MB) 487
  Irvine W. Wei, D. J. Goldstein  
Solubility and Toxicity of Potential Pollutants in Solid Coal Wastes (759kb) 506
  R. A. Griffin, R. M. Schuller, J. J. Suloway, S. A. Russel, W. F. Childers, N. F. Shimp  
Applicability of Coke Plant Water Treatment Technology to Coal Gasification (567kb) 519
  William A. Parsons, Walter Nolde  
Future Need and Impact on the Particulate Control Equipment Industry Due to Synthetic Fuels (447kb) 528
  John Bush  
Future Needs and the Impact on the Water and Waste Equipment Manufacturing Industry due to the Use of Synthetic Fuels (722kb) 535
  E. G. Kominek