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Fifth International Conference on Stability and Handling of Liquid Fuels.
Volume 1 - October 3-7, 1994
Rotterdam, the Netherlands

 Giles, Harry N., Editor

Department of Energy

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Table of Contents

Part 1  

List of Contributors


Author Index




Opening Address



C. W. M. Dessens


Session 1:  Jet Fuels



I. A. Ishai, Chair


Commercial Jet Fuel Quality Control



K. H. Strauss

The Transition of New Technology to Solve Today’s Problems



R. A. Kamin*, C. J. Martin, and L. M. Turner

Analytic Tests and Their Relation to Jet Fuel Thermal Stability



S. P. Heneghan* and R. E. Kauffman

Behavior of Conductivity Improvers in Jet Fuel



B. Dacre* and J. I. Hetherington

Stadis® 450 in Merox-Sweetened Jet Fuels



C. P. Henry

Factors Affecting the Silver Corrosion Performance of Jet Fuel from the Merox Process



C. L. Viljoen, S. Hietkamp, B. Marais, and J. J. Venter*

Part 2


Autoxidation of Jet Fuels:  Implications for Modeling and Thermal Stability


S. P. Heneghan* and L. P. Chin

Session 2: Microbiology



Dr. R. A. Neihof, Chair

Safe, Acceptable Anti-Microbial Strategies for Distillate Fuels



E. C. Hill

Case Study:  Use of Isothiazolinone and Nitro-Morpholine Biocides to Control Microbial Contamination in Diesel and Gasoline Storage and Distribution Systems.



H. L. Chesneau, F. J. Passman, and D. A. Daniels

Harmonisation of Microbial Sampling and Testing Methods for Distillate Fuels




G. C. Hill* and E. C. Hill

Catalase Measurement:  A New Field Procedure for Rapidly Estimating Microbial Loads in Fuels and Qater Bottoms



F. J. Passman*, H. L. Chesneay, and D. A. Daniels

Bacterial Contamination of Motor Gasoline



E. C. Hill and J. W. J. Koenig

Biocidal Treatment and Preservation of Liquid Fuels



W. Siegert

Session 3-A:  Jet Fuels – II. - Dr. A. Roberts, Chair

Part 3


The Effect of Copper, MDA, and Accelerated Ageing on Jet Fuel Thermal Stability as Measured by the Gravimetric JFTOT


S. G. Pande and D. R. Hardy*

Mechanism of Deposit Formation on Fuel-Wetted Metal Surfaces



L. L. Stavinoha*, S. R. Westbrook, and L. A. McInnis

Effect of High Surface Area Activated Carbon on the Thermal Degradation of Jet Fuel



K. M. Gergova, S. Eser*, R. Arumugam, and H. H. Schobert

Development of Oxygen Scavenger Additives for Jet Fuels



B. D. Beaver*, R. Demunshi, V. Sharief, D. Tian, and H. H. Schobert

Development of Oxygen Scavenger Additives for Jet Fuels.



B. D. Beaver*, R. Demunshi, V. Sharief, D. Tian and Y. Teng

Development of Thermal Stability Additive Packages for JP-8.



S. D. Anderson*, W. E. Harrison III, T, Edwards, R. W. Morris, and D. T. Shouse

Studies of Jet Fuel Additives Using the Quartz Crystal Microbalance and Pressure Monitoring at 140°C



S. Zabarnick* and R. R. Grinstead

Effect of Additives on the Formation of Insolubles in a Jet Fuel



S. D. Anderson, E. G. Jones*, L. P. Gos, and W. J. Balster

Session 3-B: Long-Term & Strategic Storage - H. J. Beverdam, Chaoir

Part 4


Long-Term Storage of Finished Gasolines in large Salt Caverns


J. W. J. Koenig

A Strategic Oil Storage Programme for Developing Countries – To Be or Not To Be?



B. W. Morse

Use of AASTM D 5304 in Assessing Unstable Diesel Fuel.



L. M. Turner*, C. J. Martin, E. J. Beal, and D. R. Hardy

Metal-Deactivating Additives for Liquid Fuels.



M. I. Boneva, Sl. K. Ivanov, A. Terebenina, O. I. Todorova, S. K. Tanielyan, and Zh. D. Kalitchin*

Session 3-C:  Predictive Systems & Methods.  Ms. S. J. Dickout, Chair

The EBV-Quality Prediction System (EQPS)



J. W. J. Koenig

The Mathematical Approach to EQPS – An Expert System for Oil Quality Prediction.



J. Hartman

A Rapid Colorimetric Method for Predicting the Storage Stability of Middle Distillate Fuels



S. J. Marshman

Session 4-A: Test Rigs & Simulators - Dr. E. W. White, Chair

Thermal Stability and Filterability of Jet Fuels Containing PDR Additives in Small-Scale Tests and Realistic Rig Simulations



J. M.  Bauldry*, R. H. Clark, and R. J. Heins

System Evaluation of Improved Thermal Stability Jet Fuels



K. Binns*, G. Dieterle, and T. Williams

Improvement of Test Methodology for Evaluating Diesel Fuel Stability



M. Gutman, L. Tartakocsky, Y. Kirzhner, Y. Zvirin, D. Luria, A. Weiss, and M. Shuftan