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Eleventh Symposium in Energy Engineering Sciences.  Solid Mechanics and Processing:  Analysis, Measurement and Characterization.  May 3-5, 1993.

Subhendu K. Datta

Argonne National Laboratory

Table of Contents

9305134, Part 1, Pages i - 69, 4.76 MB .pdf

Technical Session 1 Surfaces and Interfaces

Cryotribological Applications in Superconducting Magnents



P. Michael, Y. Iwasa and E. Rabinowicz (Massachusetts Inst. of Technology

One Component Surface waves in Anisotropic Linear Elastic Media



D. Barnett (Stanford Univ.)

Stress-Induced Roughing Instabilities along Surfaces of Piezoelectric Materials



N. Chien and H. Gao (Stanford Univ.)

Effects of Capillary on Microscopic flow in porous Media



M. J. Miksis and T. M. Tsai (Northwestern Univ.)

Evolution of Long Wave Disturbances in Horizontal Gas Liquid flows



W. Kuru, E. Montalbano, J. Brennecke, and M. McCready (Univ. of Notre Dame)

Technical Session 2 Thermophysical Properties and Processes

Fundamental Aspects of Brittle Damage Processes Discrete Systems



D. Krajcinovic and V. Lubarda (Arizona State Univ.)

Fluidization and Segregation in Bi-Disperse Solid Liquid Particulate Systems



H. Kytomaa, C. Peterson, F. McClintock, and S. Schiaffino (Massachutts Inst. of Technology)

Effect of Carrier Gas Pressure on Condensation in a Supersonic Nozzle



G. Wilemski, B. Wyslouzil, M. Gauthier, and M. Frish (Physical Sciences Inc.)

Development of Dual-Sinker Densimeter for High-Accuracy Fluid P-V-T Measurements



M. McLinden and N. Frederick (National Inst. of Science and Technology)

Effective Elastic Properties of cracked Solids



M. Kachanov (Tufts Univ.)

Technical Session 3 Inelastic Behavior

Potential Drop Crack Growth Monitoring in High Temperature Biaxial Fatigue Tests



B. Fitzgerald and E. Krempl (Resselaer Polytechnic Inst.)


Part 2, Pages 70 - 148, 4.53 MB.pdf



The Preisach Model with Stochastic Input as a Model for Aftereffect


I. Mayergoyz and C. E. Korman (Univ. of Maryland)

Small Strain Heterogeneous Deformation in Polycrystals



S. Shi and E. Jordan (Univ. of Connecticut)

Fully Plastic Fracture Mechanics for Plane Strain Crack Growth



F. McClintock, Y. Kim, and D. Parks (Massachusetts Inst. of Technology)

Fracture Toughness as a Function of Constraint for Simulated Weldments



W. G. Reuter, W. L. Lloyd, and J. S. Epstein (Idaho National Engineering Lab)

Technical Session 4 Nondestructive Characterization

Measurements of the Elastic Constants of Superlattice Films by Line-focus acoustic Microscopy



J. Achenback, J. Kim, and Y. C. Lee (Northwestern Univ.)

Superconducting Property Measurements in Tape Geometry



K. Telschow (Idaho National Engineering Lab.)

Photothermal Measurements of Superconductors



G. Kino, X. Wu, A. Kapitulnik, and I. Fishman (Stanford Univ.)

Dielectric Studies of Fluids with Reentrant Resonators



A. Goodwin and M. Moldover (National Inst. Of Standards and Technology)

9305134, Part 3, Pages 149 - 228, 4.41 MB.pdf


Particle Velocities in Concentrated Suspensions Undergoing Shear


B. Kapoor and A. Acrivos (City College of the City of New York)

Coupling Effects in Multiphase Free Shear Flows



T. Troutt, C. Crowe, and J. Chung (Washington State Univ.)

Wavelength Selection in Traveling-Wave Convection in a Fluid Mixture



C. Surko, K. Eaton, G. Baxter, and K. Iwata (Univ. of California, San Diego)

Radiative Transfer Trhough Arrays of Discrete Surfaces



J. Welty and J. Zaworski (Oregon State Univ.) and M. Drost (Battelle Pacific Northwest Lab.)

Aspects of Radiation Heat Transfer in Arrays of Fixed Discrete Surfaces



M. Drost and B. Palmer (Battelle Pacific Northwest Lab.) and J. R. Welty (Oregon State Univ.)

Technical Session 6 Optical and Other Measurement Systems

Nonimaging Reflectors as Functionals of the Desired Irradiance



R. Winston and H. Ries (Univ. of Chicago)

Microscopic Image Processing System for Measuring Nonuniform Film Thickness Profiles: Image Scanning Ellipsometry



A. H. Liu, J. Plawsky, and P. Wayner (Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst.)

Characterization of Thermal Plasmas by Laser Light Scattering



S. Snyder, G. Lassahn, L. Reynolds, and J. Fincke (Idaho National Engineering Lab.)

Application of Hysteresis Modeling to Magnetic Techniques for Monitoring Biaxial Stress



M. Sablik, G. Burkhardt, and H. Kwun (Southwest Research Inst)


Technical Session 7 Stochastic Processes

Mixing and Settling in Continuous Metal Production



H. Richter, J. Laaspere, and J. Fitzpatrick (Dartmouth College)

9305134, Part 4, Pages 229 - 312, 4.24 MB.pdf


Experiments on Scalar Micing and Transport


Z. Warhaft (Cornell Univ)

Particle Interactions in Concentrated Suspensions



L. Mondy (Sandia National Lab), A Graham and J. Abbott (Los Alamos National Lab.), and H. Brenner (Massachusetts Inst. of Technology)

Molecular Mixing in Turbulent Flow



A. Kerstein (Sandia National Lab)

Ensemble Phase Averaging for Disperse Two-Phase Flows



A. Prosperetti and D. Zhang (Johns Hopkins Univ.)

Technical Session 8 Large Systems and Control

Partial Control of Complex Chemical Processes. I. Control of Fluidized Catalytic Cracker



R. Shinnar and I. Rinard (City College of the City Univ. of New York)

Modeling Aspects of Wave Kinetics in Offshore Structures Dynamics



P. Spanos (Rice Univ.), R, Ghanem (State Univ, of New York), and S. Bhattacharjee (Mobil Research and Development Corp.)

Intelligent Sensing and Control of Gas Metal ARC Welding



H. Smartt and J. Johnson (Idaho National Engineering Lab.)

Welding Process Decoupling for Improved Control



D. Hardt, T. Eagar, J. Lang, and L. Jones (Massachusetts Inst. of Technology)