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Proceedings of the Natural Gas R&D Contractors Review Meeting

C. A. Komar
R. D. Malone
C. W. Byrer

U. S. Department of Energy

Table of Contents (404kb)

Natural Gas Research -- C. A. Komar 3
Technical Challenges and Opportunities in Methane Conversion -- G. A. Huff, D. M. Washecheck, T. P. Kobylinski, and J. A. Mahoney 5
Secondary Natural Gas Recovery: Targeted Technology Applications for Infield Reserve Growth -- R. J. Finley, L. F. Brown, Jr., and S. P. Dutton 6
The Geopressured-Geothermal Research Program: An Overview -- A. Jelacic and R. Fortuna 17
Natural Gas Processing Research -- H. S. Meyer and V. L. Hill 31
Hydrocarbon-Related Research in DOE, EOBES/GEOSCIENCES -- G. A. Kolstad, A. G. Duba, and M. C. Gilbert 34
Eastern Gas Shales Research -- A. B. Yost II 37
Recovery Efficiency Test -- W.K. Overbey, Jr. and C.D. Locke 39
Upcoming Plans for the DOE/Sterling/GRI/Columbia Slant Well Project -- G. Muncey and C.E. Drimal, Jr. 52
Measurement-While-Drilling (MWD) Development for Air Drilling - W. H. Harrison 61
Multiple Zone Completion Opportunities -- G. Koziar 70
Horizontal Well Prospectus -- A Procedure for Relative Ranking of Sites Selected for Horizontal Wells in Tight, Naturally Fractured Reservoirs -- A. Zammerilli 80
Application of Remote Geologic Analysis to Exploration of Gas in Naturally Fractured Resevoirs in West Virginia -- T.H. Mroz 97
Natural Gas to Liquids Research -- R. D. Malone 119
Hydrocarbon Chemicals From Natural Gas -- T. Lee 121
Conversion of Methane to Liquid Hydrocarbons -- M.W. Droege and L.M. Hair 123
Methane to Methanol Conversion -- W. C. Danen, F. T. Finch, J. L. Lyman, C. K. Rofer, R. C. Oldenborg, G. E. Streit, and M. J. Ferris 133
Oxidative Coupling Research for the Conversion of Natural Gas to Liquid Fuels -- A. Shamsi, L. C. Headley, R. V. Siriwardane, D. J. Driscoll, S. S. Miller, and K. Zahir 141
Economics of Natural Gas Conversion to Gasoline -- H-P. Lob, L. H. Berkshire, and J. C. Ludlow 153
Catalytic Conversion of Light Alkanes -- J. E. Lyons, P. E. Ellis, Jr., and V. A. Durante 164
Direct Conversion of Light Hydrocarbon Gases to Liquid Fuels -- V. U. Rao 178
Arctic and Offshore Research Information System Demonstration -- L. C. Zuber, D. L. Chiang, and T. A. White 187
Interactions of Massive Ice Features with Offshore Oil Production Platforms in the Arctic -- W. M. Sackinger and M. O. Jeffries 191
The Synthesis, Characterization and Catalytic Reactions of Metal Silicate Catalysts for the Partial Oxidation of Methane -- L. M. Hair and M. W. Droege 197
Application of Remote Geologic Analysis to Exploration of Gas in Naturally Fractured Reservoirs in West Virginia -- T. H. Mroz and M. Foley 202
Predictive Modeling of Horizontal Wells in Devonian Shale -- A. Zammerilli and A. Layne 203
Horizontal Well Production Type Curves -- J.C. Mercer 205
Production Systems Analysis of Low Permeability Natural Gas Formations -- S. M. Klara 206
Oxidative Coupling of Methane: Phenomenological Modeling as a Guide to Experimentation -- S. S. Miller 207
Stress-Strain Behavior of Geological Materials Containing Gas Hydrates -- H. J. Siriwardane 208
Natural Gas Research -- C. A. Komar 209
Rocky Mountain 1 - Structure and Results of a Cooperative Industry/Government Project in Undergroun Coal Gasification - J. W. Martin 211
Effect of Sodium Promoters on the Oxidative Coupling Reaction of Methane Over Metal Oxide and Mixed Metal Oxide Catalysts -- R. V. Siriwardane 213
Natural Gas Recovery/Utilization SBIR Program -- H. D. Shoemaker 214
Geology and Exploratory Activity in the Eastern Over Thrust Belt -- D. G. Patchen and L. D. Woodfork 215
Deep Source Gas Research -- W. J. Gwilliam 216
Wester Gas Sands -- K-H Frohne 219
Gas Resources Assessments -- Greater Green River Basin, Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah -- C. W. Spencer, B. E. Law, R. R. Charpentier, R. A. Crovelli, C. J. Wandrey, R. C. Johnson, V. F. Nuccio, and M. A. Grout 220
Multiwell Experiment -- D. A. Northrop, J. C. Lorenz, A. R. Sattler, N. R. Warpinski, B. J. Thorne, and P. T. Branagan 229
Geologic and Production Characteristics of the TIght Mesaverde: Piceance Basin, Colorado -- F. R. Myal, E. H. Price, C. C. Riecken, G. C. Kukal, and P. Abadie 237
Re-Analysis of MWX Paludal Zone Stimulation Data -- W. K. Miller II and M. B. Smith 246
Resevoir Analysis of Blanket Sands Using a Numerical Multi-Mechanistic Model -- M. A. Adewumi, C. L. Hosler, and T. Ertekin 257
Gas Hydrate Research -- R. D. Malone 269
Deep Source Gas Research -- W. J. Gwilliam 271
Deep Investigate Geophysical Studies -- W. D. Stanley 272
Deep Seismic Reflection Study Across Southwestern Washington -- D. D. Hollis, S. J. Allen, W. A. Schneider, and T. V. McEvilly 278
Thermal History Modeling of Geological Basins -- A. Grunow, G. C. Bond, and M. A. Kominz 284
Geologic Interrelations Relative to Gas Hydrates Within the North Slope of Alaska -- T. S. Collett, L. A. Beyer, K. J. Bird, K. A. Kvenvolden, A. H. Lachenbruch, and L. B. Magoon 294
Evaluation of Geological Relationships to Gas Hydrate Formation and Stability -- P. Finley and J. Krason 304
Systems Analysis of Low Permeability Natural Gas Formations - J. Duda 315
Geotechnology of Low-Permeability Gas Resevoirs -- N. R. Warpinski, D. A. Northrop, J. C. Lorenz, and A. R. Sattler 324
Rock Matrix and Fracture Analysis of Flow in Western Tight Gas Sands -- N. R. Morrow, F. D. Martin, J. S. Buckley, M. Cather, K. R. Brower, X. Zhang, S. Ma, M. L . Graham, and B. Gonzales 334
Development of Core Analysis Procedures Using X-Ray Computerized Tomography -- J. Sharer 348
Two-Phase Flow in Tight Sands -- P. Chowdiah 360
Application of Stratified Random Sampling to Estimating Gas Reserves -- A. Smith, J. Hancock, M. Portman, and R. Lopez 372
Artic and Offshore Research -- H. D. Shoemaker 395
Laboratory Experiments for Gas Hydrate Production Techniques -- V. A. Kamath, G. D. Sharma, and S. P. Godbole 397
Development and Demonstration of Arctic and Offshore Research Information System (AORIS) -- L. C. Zuber, D. L . Chiang, and T. H. White 408
Recent Ice Island Creation Events, Drift Laws and Recurrence Intervals, Mechanical Properties and Interactions with Offshore Oil Production Structures -- W. M. Sackinger and M. O. Jeffries 419
SEMS Technology: Recent Hardware Improvements and Developments -- R. Traeger, P. J. Hommert, and G. Sleefe 432
Observations and Findings: National Research Council's Assessments of the Uses of the EEZ Seabed -- D. W. Perkins, A. J. Silva, K. A. Fanning, " L. L. Gentry, C. D. Hollister, R. W. Kneckt, G. B. Manning, D. P. Prior, G. L. Taghon, and A. G. Young 440
Appendix A: Agenda, Natural Gas R&D Contractors Review Meeting 453
Appendix B: List of Participants, Natural Gas R&D Contractors Review Meeting 462