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Proceedings of the Conference on Composition of Transportation Synfuels: R & D Needs, Strategies and Actions - 1979

Southwest Research Institute

Table of Contents 112kb

Keynote Address 135kb 1
Remarks on National Planning for Future Transportation Synfuels--Martin Goland, SwRI 1
Summary 64kb 7
  Nontechnical and Institutional Factors 7
Technical Factors 7
Key General Points 8
Topical Consensus 189kb 9
  Alternative Fuels Utilization Program 9
Nontechnical Factors 9
Fuel Specifications  10
Utilization 10
Powerplant R&D 10
Environmental 10
Synthetic Fuels Composition 11
Syncrude Conversion Technology 11
Refiining Technology 12
PARAHO Program 12
Key General Points 13
Conference Overview 249kb 15
Alternative Fuels Program Plan 233kb  23
Synfuels Impact:  The Federal Viewpoint 313kb 45
  Forces at Work Affecting Liquid Synfuels Development--Richard W. Hum, BETC 47
Impact of Synfuels on Civil Aviation--Thomas G. Horeff, FAA 55
Defense Mobility Fuels 1135kb 65
  Opening Remarks 67
Fuels Research & Development for Army Weapon Systems--Maurice E. LePera, MERADCOM 87
Properties and Composition of Jet Synfuels--C.J. Nowack, U.S. Naval Air Propulsion Center 97
USAF Alternative Fuel Program--Dr. Herbert R. Lander, Jr., U.S.A.F. Aero Propulsion Laboratory 127
Synfuels R&D Status and Projections 552kb 147
  Introductory Remarks 149
Broadcut Fueled Engines Using Non-Hydrocracked Shale or Coal Pyrolysis Liquids as Fuels--An Alternative Engine/Fuel Strategy--Dr. R.A. Rightmire, The Standard Oil Company 155
Production of Liquid Fuels From Oil Shale--S.K. Alley, Union Oil Company of California 163
Composition of Transportation Synfuels--R.G. Jackson, CONOCO 187
R&D Project Brainstorming 502kb 195
  Introduction 197
Open Discussion 199
Idea List 209
Universities Synfuels R&D 1197kb 211
  Introductory Remarks 213
Transportation Fuels--1978 Crude Oil Scene--Dr. O.A. Uyehara, Univ. of Wisconsin 219
Transportation Fuels--Critical Research Problems--A.M. Melior, Purdue University 253
Transportation Fuels Research and Technical Education--R.T. Johnson, Univ. of Missouri-Rolle 269
Composition and Performance of PARAHO Synfuels--E.T. Robinson, The Standard Oil Company and S. Kumer Kunchal, SOHIO 283
Luncheon Address 428kb 311
The World War II German Synfuels Program--Dr. Kurt J. Irgolic, Texas A & M University 311
Special Presentation--Fire-Safe Diesel Fuel Emulsions 421kb 335
  Introductory Remarks 337
"Fire-Safe" Diesel Fuel Emulstions--M.E. LePere, MERADCOM 338
Formulation Technology--G.E. Fodor, SwRl 341
Narrative 345
DOE Participation 346
Hybrid Fuel Systems--R.D. Quillian Jr., SwRl 347
Open Discussion 349
Means to Stimulated R&D Actions 547kb 355
  Introduction 357
Open Discussion 369
The Direction for Synfuels R&D 545kb 379
  Introductory Remarks 381
Summary Presentations 382
Open Discussion 391
Concluding Remarks 86kb 395
Appendix 197kb 399
  Agenda 401
Speaker's List 402
Registration List 405