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Fundamental Research in Homogenous Catalysis as Related to U. S. Energy Problems.
Proceedings of a Workshop Held at Stanford University, Stanford, California on December 4-6, 1974

James Collman
Jack Halpern
Jack Norton
James Roth

National Science Foundation

In this pdf format, this document has 48 pages and is 2.49MB.

Table of Contents




II Summary 3
III Recommendations 5
IV Production and Use of Carbon Oxides and Hydrogen 7
V Activation of Hydrocarbons 11
VI Activation of Nitrogen 16
VII Activation of Oxygen for Selective Oxidations 17
VIII Activation of Oxygen for Fuel Celss 21
IX More Specific Catalysis of Industrial Processes 23
X Photochemical Energy Storage and Catalyst Activation 26
XI New Forms of Catalysts 27
  Appendix A - Chemical Factors in Oxygen Activation and Utilization 29
Appendix B - Participants 36
Appendix C - Sub-Groups Responsible for Various Topics 38