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Proceedings: Energy Resource Conference, October 24 and 25, 1972 (2nd) - 1973

O. J. Hahn
R. William De Vore

University of Kentucky

Table of Contents

Tuesday, October 24, 1972
Session 1.
Chairman: George Evans
President, Evans Industries
Welcome to the University 80kb
Otis A. Singletary
President, University of Kentucky
Lexington, Kentucky
Keynote Address 256kb
Hollis M Dole
Assistant Secretary
U.S. Department of the Interior
Address to the Energy Resource Conference 220kb
James F. Simes
Deputy Chief
Bureau of Natural Gas
Federal Power Commission
Luncheon Session.
Chairman:  William H. Flynn
Senior Vice President
Cincinnati Gas and Electric
Industry and the Academy:  An Uncertain Alliance 147kb
Robert M. Drake, Jr.
Vice President
Combustion Engineering, Inc.
Session II
Chairman:  Theodore Broida
Spindletop Research, Inc.
Energy Conversion - Improvements to Conserve Resources 356kb
W. W. Brandfon
Head, General Analytical Division
Sargent and Lundy, Engineers
New Developments in the Extraction of Natural Gas 184kb
R. W. Jernigan
Vice President
Columbia Gas Transmission Corp.
Charleston Group
New Developments in the Extraction of Oil 298kb
A. L. Barnes
Energy Specialist
Ashland Oil and Refining Co.
Session III
Chairman:  A. M. Townsend
Director of Operational Services
Calgon Corporation
Department of the Interior Programs for Conversion of Coal to Gaseous and Liquid Fuels 176kb
George R. Hill
Director of Coal Research
Department of the Interior
Coal to Gas Via the Lurgi Route 1081kb
W. V. Hartman
Vice President
Peabody Coal Company
Dinner Session
Chairman:  Damon Harrison
Commissioner, Department of Commerce
Commonwealth of Kentucky
Speaker:  Carl D. Perkins 141kb
Congressman, 7th District
Commonwealth of Kentucky
Wednesday, October 25, 1972
Session IV
Chairman:  O. W. Stewart
Professor of Mechanical Engineering
University of Kentucky
Regulations 131kb
Robert F. Spurlin
Public Service Commission
Commonwealth of Kentucky
How a Planner Looks at Transportation of U.S. Energy 118kb
Dale W. Steffers
Senior Planner
Panhandle Fastern Pipe Line Co.
Houston, Texas