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Proceedings of the Ninth Annual Conference On Fossil Energy Materials.
May 16-18, 1995.

N. C. Cole
R. R. Judkins

Department of Energy

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Table of Contents

Part 1



Session I Ceramic Composites

Oxidation-Resistant Interfacial Coatings for Continuous Fiber Ceramic Composites



D.P. Stinton, T.M. Besmann, and A. Bleir

Modeling of Fibrous Preforms for CVI Fabrication 



T.L. Star and D.Y. Chiang

Engineering-Scale Development of the Vapor-Liquid-Solid (VLS) Process for the Production of Silicon Carbide Fibrils and Linear Fibril Assemblies



M.A. Tenhover and J. J. Biernacki

Mechanical Properties of Ceramic Composite Tubes



W. A. Curtin, L. L. Olesksuk, K. L. Reifsnider, and D. P Stinton

Joining of SIC Ceramics and SiC/SiC Composites



B. H. Rabin

Comparison of High Temperature Mechanical Properties of Two Monolithic SiC Ceramics and on Al2O3 SiC Composite



K. Breder

Factors Effecting the Corrosion Rates of Ceramics in Coal Combustion Systems



J.P. Hurley

Corrosion Performance of Materials for Advanced Combustion Systems



K. Natesan, M. Freeman, and M. Mathur

Mullite Coatings for Corrosion Protection of Silicon Carbide



R. Mulpuri and V. Sarin

Part 2


Mechanical Behavior of Ceramic Composite Hot-Gas Filters After Exposure to Severe Environments


D.J. Pysher, B. L. Weaver, R.G. Smith, J. H. Eaton, and J. L. Kahnke

Fracture Behavior of Advanced Ceramic Hot-Gas Filters



J. P. Singh, D. Singh, J. Smith, and H. Volz

High Temperature Corrosion of Advanced Ceramics Material for Hot-Gas Filters and Heat Exchangers



E. R. Kupp, M. F. Trubejia, K. E. Spear, and R. E. Tressler

Thermal and Structural Analysis of a Filter Vessel Ceramic Tubesheet



R. H Mallett, R. W. Swindeman, and J. F. Zievers

Processing of Silicon Nitride and Alumina Nanosize Powders



E. J. Gonzalez, G. Piermarini, B. Hockey, and S. G. Malghan

Session II Ceramics and New Alloys

Development of Nondestructive Evaluation Methods and Prediction of Effects of Flaws on the Fracture Behavior of Structural Ceramics



W. A. Ellingson, J. P. Singh, E. A. Silvers, J. B. Stuckey, D. Christopher, S. L. Dieckmann, and D. Singh

Fabrication of Fiber-Reinforced Composites by Chemical Vapor Infiltration



W. M. Matlin, D. P. Stinton and T. M. Beamann

Transport Properties of Ceramic Composites



T. L. Starr

Development of Materials for Microwave-Heated Diesel Particulate Filter



M. A. Janney and D. P. Stinton

High Temperature Inorganic Membranes for Separating Hydrogen



D. E. Fain and G. E. Roetiger

Mixed Oxygen Ino/Electron-Conducting Ceramics for Oxygen Separation



J. W. Stevenson, B. L. Armstrong, T. R. Armstrong, J. L. Bates, L. R. Pederson, and W. J. Weber

Part 3


Proton Conducting Cerate Ceramics


G. W. Coffey, L. R. Pederson, T. R. Armstrong, J. L. Bates, and W. J. Weber

Synthesis of Silicon Nitride Powders in Pulsed Rf Plasmas



R. J. Buss, S. V. Babu, and P. Ho

Mechanically Reliable Surface Oxides for High-Temperature Corrosion Resistance



K. Natesan, B. W. Veal, M. Grimsditch, D. Renusch, and A. P. Paulikas

Plasma Synthesis of Alumina Films on Metal and Ceramic Substrates



I. Brown and Z. Wang

Mechanically Reliable Scales and Coatings



P. F. Tortorelli and K. B. Alexander

Welding and Mechanical Properties of Cast FAPY (Fe-16 at. % Al-Based) Alloy Slabs



V. K. Sikka, G. M. Goodwin, D. J. Alexander, and C. R. Howell

The Influence of Processing on Microstructure and Properties of Iron Aluminides



R. N. Wright and J. K. Wright

Weld Overlay Cladding With Iron Aluminides



G. M. Goodwin

High-Temperature Corrosion Behavior of Iron-Aluminide Alloys and Coatings



P.F. Tortorelli, J. H. DeVan, B. A. Pint, and I. G. Wright

Effect of Surface Condition on the Aqueous Corrosion Behavior of Iron Aluminides



R. A. Buchanan and R. L. Perrin

Part 4


Pack Cementation Cr-Al Coating of Steels and Ge-Doped Silicide Coating of Cr-Nb Alloy


Y.R. He, M. H. Zheng, and R. A. Rapp

Microstructure Characterization and Weldability Evaluation of the Weld Heat Affected Zone (HAZ) in 310 HCbN Tubing



C. D. Lundin, and C.Y.P. Qiao

The Effects of Microstructural Control on the Mechanical Behavior of Cr2Nb-Based Alloys



J. A. Cook, P. K. Liaw, and C. T. Liu

Session III Workshop on Materials Challenges in Advanced Fossil Fueled Power Systems

Session IV New Alloys and Functional Materials

ODS Iron Aluminides



I. G. Wright, C. G. McKamey and B. A. Pint

Effect of Composition and Heat Treatment at 1150C on Creep-Rupture Properties of Fe2Al-Based Alloys



C. G. McKamey, P. J. Maiasz and Y. Marerro-Sanios

Environmental Embrittlment of Iron Aluminides Under Cyclic Loading Conditions



A. Castagna, D. A. Alven, and N.S. Stoloff

The Effect of Alloying and Grain Refinement on the Room-Temperature Ductility of As-Cast Fe2Al-Based Alloys



S. Viswanathan, C. G. McKamey, and P. J. Maziasz

Electro-Spark Deposited Coatings for Protection of Materials



R. N. Johnson

Part 5


Cr2Nb-Based Alloy Development


C. T. Liu, P. F. Tortorelli, J. A. Horton, D. S. Easton, J. H. Schneibel, L. Heatherly, C. A. Carmichael, M. Howell, and J. L. Wright

Investigation of Austenitic Alloys for Advanced Heat Recovery and Hot-Gas Cleanup Systems 



R. W. Swindeman and W. Ren

Fireside Corrosion Testing of Candidate Superheater Tube Alloys, Coatings, and Claddings Phase II



J. B. Blough, M. T. Krawchuk, and S. F. Van Weele

A Novel Carbon-Fiber Based Porous Carbon Monolith



T. D. Burchell, J. W. Klett, and C. E. Weaver

Carbon-Fiber Composite Molecular Sieves for Gas Separation



M. Jagtoyen, F. Derbyshire, G. Kimber, and Y. Q. Fei

Stability of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Materials



T. R. Armstrong, L. R. Pederson, J. W. Stevenson, and P. E. Raney

Ceramic Catalyst Materials



A. G. Sault and T. J. Gardner