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Proceedings: Eleventh Annual EPRI Contractors' Conference on Clean Liquid and Solid Fuels - 1987

H. S. Lebowitz

Electric Power Research Institute

Table of Contents (270kb)

1. Coal Liquefaction (Part 1, 3.32MB) (Part 2, 3.15MB)


  Effect of Coal Properties on EDS Economics
G. Melin and L. Castiglioni
Exxon Research and Engineering Company


Multistaged Catalytic Process Development for Coal liquefaction
M. A. Pacheco and A. M. Tait
Amoco Oil Company


Two-Stage Coal Liquefaction Process Performance with Close Coupled Reactors in Wilsonville
C. W. Lamb, J. M. Lee, and R. V. Nalitham, Catalytic, Inc. and
T. W. Johnson, Southern Company Services
Wilsonville Process Studies and Engineering Evaluation of Improved Options
J. W. Gough, W. R. Hollenack, C. W. Lamb, and R. V. Nalitham
Catalytic, Inc.
Utilization of Hydrogen During Coal Liquefaction
B. C. Bockrath, D. H. Finseth, and E. G. Illig
U. S. Department of Energy, Pittsburgh Energy Technology Center
Two-Stage Liquefaction Coal Derived Liquid as a Combustion Turbine Fuel
K. L. Rieke and H. G. Lew
Westinghouse Electric Corporation
2. Coal Upgrading and Research (4.57MB) 2-1
  Selective Oxidation of Coal Pyrites in Coals By Steam/Air Mixtures in a Fluidized Bed
J. H. Oxley, H. E. Carlton and J. Klingsport
Batelle Columbus
Oil Agglomeration of Low-Rank Coals and Development of Methods for Recovery of Oil from Agglomerates
L. Ignasiak, W. Pawlak, A. Turlak, J. Janiak, and Y. Briker
Microbial Beneficiation of Low-Rank Coals
B. Wilson, J. Pyne, R. Bean, D. Stewart, J. Fredrickson, E. Sass, and M. Burnside
Battelle Pacific Northwest Laboratory
Microbial Degradation of Coal by Polyporous Versicolor: Metabolism and Product Characterization
M. Cohen and K. E. Chung
University of Hartford
Chemical Structural Differences Between Two Low-Rank Coals
I. Goldberg and K. E. Chung
Rockwell International
3. Methanol Production (5.6MB) 3-1
  The Development of Liquid Phase Methanol Process: An Update
T. R. Tsao and P. Rao
Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.
Methanol Co-Production for Electric Utility Applications
J. F. Weinhold
Tennessee Valley Authority
IGCC Criteria for Once-Through Methanol Using the LMPEOH Process
R. L. Mednick, Chem Systems and T. L. Wright, H. M. Weatherington and J. Pech,
Tennessee Valley Authority
Low Temperature Methanol Process: The Next Step
R. Sapienza
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Research on Once-Through Methanol
S. Lee, V. Paramswaran, A. Sawant, M. Ko, and D. H. Cho
University of Akron
Project Development of a Commercial Coal-Oil Coprocessing Plant
R. H. Shannon
Ontario-Ohio Synthetic Fuels, Inc.
4. Coal Oil Co-Processing (4.4MB) 4-1
  Single Stage Processing of Coal/Resid Mixture
M. Humbach and C. P. Luebke, Universal Oil Products and
J. G. Gatsis and B. J. Nelson, The Signal Research Center, Inc.
HRI's Coal/Oil Co-processing Program - Phase I
J. B. McArthur, J. E. Duddy and J. B. McLean
Hydrocarbon research, Inc.
Co-processing of Qyodak Subbituminous Coal and Colorado Shale Oil
R. L. Miller and R. M. Baldwin
Colorado School of Mines
Stability and Compatibility of Residual Fuel Oils
R. Anderson, J. Goetzinger and J. Reynolds
National Institute for Petroleum and Energy Research (NIPER)
5. General Section (2.95MB) 5-1
  TVA's Gas Processing Experience in Support of Methanol Production from Coal
P. C. Williamson, L. E. Daniels, and D. A. Kelley
Tennessee Valley Authority
Chemistry and Uses of Carbon Dioxide
I. Wedner
University of Pittsburgh
Structure and Reactivity of a Wyodak Subbituminous Coal
R. Narayan and S. Huang
Purdue University
Dittering Reactivity of Oxygenated Model-Coal Structures in Hydrogen-Donor and CON2O System
U. F. McMillen, R. Malholtra, S. E. Nigenda, T. C. Min, and D. S. Rose
SRI International
Appendix A:  AUTHORS (39.8kb)